P2/1 Weekly Reflection 1/10/21

What a super week celebrating the school’s 20th anniversary.  We’ve painted some mugs, decorated cupacakes and played some party games. Then we enjoyed the whole school celebration in the playground on Thursday afternoon and it was lovely to welcome Mrs Audrey Ford back to our school, she was the very first headteacher. Mrs Ford made a speech and cut a cake then we listened to some bagpipes and drums before having a wee dance. We then enjoyed our cakes and juice while watching Topsy and Tim’s Birthday party, if you’d like to watch it again with your child click here.

In phonics this week P1 children were learning the sounds c and k and really impressed Mrs Clyne with their word building skills on the magnetic boards. P2 children were revising the sounds or and air and thought of some great sentences with the words we, some and put. Some of the children even managed to make our common words out of lego bricks!

In numeracy we have begun to think about ‘whole’ and ‘part’ and used the number 12 to see how many different ways we could make 12 using two parts, for example, 10 and 2, 8 and 4, 6 and 6.  Theo was very good at explaining whole and part when he told us “a whole pizza is all of it and a part is just a bit of  it”. We also used a rekenrek to help us explain our thinking when counting on during our Number Talks sessions.

This week we have continued learning about transport by considering the different types of transport which help us move around. We sorted different types according to those that are found in the air, on land and in the water. We also started to think about Harvest when we watched a live lesson called Harvest Rainbow Adventure. We went on a journey around the countryside to collect different coloured salad ingredients, learned about the people who grow the ingredients and thought about what plants need to grow. Perhaps we could start growing our own plants? If you’d like to watch the Harvest Rainbow Adventure again at home, click here.