P2 Learning Highlights for W/E 1.10.21

P2 really enjoyed taking part in the  LVPS 20th birthday celebrations this week. Please see below for the children’s highlight of the week comments!

Olivia – I liked playing with the big blocks. We made a marble run. We stacked the blocks then we got a marble and it rolled down it!

Lily – Making the cupcakes. We got frosting!

Alexander – I enjoyed Free Writing Friday. I wrote about the gym and football. I scored four goals. I am good at football.

Ella – My highlight was the schools birthday. I liked dancing to the music.

Oliver – My highlight was painting a house. I painted furniture and the windows are blacked out cause we are watching a movie.

Rhy-Lee – My highlight was eating the cake. I liked decorating it. I decorated a pink love heart. It was delicious!

Jack – My highlight was Free Writing Friday. I wrote about what I want to be when I grow up. I want to be a builder. Builders need problem-solving skills.

Willow – My highlight of the week was painting. I have been doing love hearts and crosses!

Caleb – My highlight was free play. I made a zombie with duplo. It was really tall!

Grace – My highlight was listening to the bagpipes. The children came from high school and played drums and bagpipes. We were celebrating the school’s birthday.

Elyas – Playing with the lego. I made a castle. It has colourful blocks and it has stairs.

Arianna – My highlight was when we were doing the cupcakes. I made pink dots and orange dots all around the cupcake.

Josh – My highlight was decorating the cupcake with icing. I done orange around the yellow.

Thea – My highlight of the week was doing free play. I was playing in the kitchen and painting.

Louis – I enjoyed free writing Friday. I was writing that I want to be a doctor when I am big.

Kyra – I liked decorating a cupcake. I put the number 20 and put lots of flowers, hearts and zigzags. We decorated them because it was the schools anniversary.

Sebastian – I liked decorating the mugs. We got mug designing pens. When you cook the mug we get to bring them home. I did a bunch of smiley faces and a love heart with LVPS inside. We did it for the schools birthday!

Nathan – I like building with duplo. I build lots of big strong things.