Primary 4 are GLOWing!!!

Primary 4 have been using their Glow accounts and Yammer to start our online learning group. Yammer is a great site, that is closely monitored by our West Lothian IT team, where pupils and staff can share ideas and learning. It’s also a fantastic, safe way to introduce pupils to social media. Here are the rules we’ve created…

– Only say/post things you would happily say or show in front of our headteacher

– Don’t write about anyone else

– Ask questions or for advice/recommendations

– Keep it about learning

– Always re-read your post before you post it

– Remember that everything that goes online stays online

We can mostly all now use an individual log in, create a new password, use the Office 365 ‘waffle’ to navigate to an app we want to use, search for a group, join a group, post a question or comment and use a GIF to support our ideas. As always, there have been a few ICT hiccups along the way but we’ll hopefully all be Glowing very very soon!!!!