P4 and 7 have been enjoying using Yammer through Glow Scotland. We have a private group for each class for them to share their learning and ideas and to learn how to be responsible online users. Each class has its own group that pupils should use ONLY. We have been discussing how to use online programs responsibly and respectfully, creating new threads about our learning, using GIFs to add to what we want to say and creating polls to gather information.

Christmas card recycling

The Eco group would like to help to make it as easy as possible for you to recycle your Christmas cards. We are going to collect your old Christmas cards in a box at the school entrance and then make sure that they are all correctly recycled. Your cards can be handed in from the 9th – 19th of January. Thank you for your support, the Eco group.

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Saving the Environment in Primary 5!

We have been inspired by The Lorax story in Primary 5 and have been thinking what a world would be like with no trees! We had a class debate about whether a rainforest in Brazil should be cut down. Half of the class were asked to argue for the trees being chopped and down and the other half argued against it. This gave us a great opportunity to put our debating skills to the test and it also helped us to use our learning about the importance of trees and looking after the environment. We have also been creating information leaflets which give helpful hints and tips about how to care for the environment.