Countdown to December

This week we have been busy organising our items for the Christmas fayre. We also had to decide on prices for the different products.

We have been getting ready for the countdown to Christmas. We have made advent Christmas cards for each other that we will give as we countdown the days.

Written by Kieran and Ellie H


We are enjoying our final preparations for our Viking Assembly on Friday the 8th of December at 9:30am.Could I please have all the costumes in to school on Tuesday the 5th of December. Please let me know any issues you have with sourcing costumes.We will probably get some extra things for those who can’t find items.

Thank you for all your support

Mrs Manning and p.4

Primary 2

In number this week we were rounding up and estimating.

We were very excited because some of us got parts in the Nativity. We are trying to learn the lines with help from home.

We are also trying to learn our little research on nocturnal animals and be confident enough to say it at assembly.

Darren came to speak about the seasons and we enjoyed his story about picking apples and what the apple looked like inside, we looked at the leaves changing colour outside and them beginning to fall of the trees.






This Week in P1

It has been a monumental week in Primary One as we have finished all of the regular Jolly Phonics sounds.  We cannot believe how quickly time has gone!  The children have learned their sounds very well but should continue to practise at home to maintain and be ready for reading books in the new year.  The pupils have been doing super work with their word boxes and are reliably and responsibly returning them each day.  Thank you to parents for your support in making this happen.  The next step for us is to learn the alternate spellings to some of the sounds that we already know.

We also spent a lot of time this week, doing our mental maths.  Pupils were counting with rekenreks and number fans.  Our focus was number bonds to ten should you choose to work on these at home.  We are finishing off data handling tasks in our workbooks.

Nativity rehearsals will continue to increase and intensify over the next three weeks so we would ask that all the pupils learn the song words ready for performance.

We wish you all a lovely weekend as we watch the snow fall outside our window.


A fabulous week in Primary 5

In Primary 5 we have had a very busy week. In PE we have been practising our dribbling and shooting skills so that we can use these in games of basketball.

We have also been finding out more about the story of the Lorax. We have used our literacy skills to write a diary entry from the point of view of the little boy in the story. As well as this we looked at limericks in the story and even wrote some of our own.

This week we have started to get organised for the Christmas Fayre. We have written invitations, made our candy cane reindeer and created our felt Christmas stockings.

Yesterday we had a visit from Nanda. She came to talk to us about her favourite book. She told us that it was the Bible and also explained why. One of the reasons was that it made her feel safe and happy when she read it.

We have also been lucky enough to find out a little bit more about WW2 this week. Aiden brought in some family medals and lots of information and original artifacts to share with the class. We thought that it was amazing that the items were so old yet in such good condition.

Written by Primary 5

WW2 Handling Session

WW2 Handling Session in primary 7 today. Maureen Liddell from the West Lothian Council Museums Service brought artefacts from WW2 for us to look at. Maureen is an expert and gave us lots of interesting information and answered our questions. We would like to say a big thank you to Maureen for coming in to school today. 

Primary 4 Science

Primary 4 have been using their ICT skills to find out child friendly information about Water. All pupils were able to access a device, log on, navigate the internet, use a search engine, write ‘for kids’ into the search and record a fact about water in their own words that make sense. We used Prezi to create a presentation of our work – please find it at this link. Use arrow keys to navigate through the iceberg (please ignore the original titles – we can’t work out how to change them yet!)

Primary 2

In maths and number we did some Thinking of a Number sheet which was quite difficult and did work on the Ipads. For homewotk this week we had to find out information about one Nocturnal Animal. We also were practising for our Nativity, songs and scripts.

The mushrooms have grown and one is massive!

Today we were at assembly celebrating Children In Need.


The Yellow table were the table of the week, well done!

We were also working hard at our Spelling Test today.