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Human Number Lines and All Things Scottish!

Primary One has had a great week with lots of new activities and challenges to start off the new year!  We have been solving problems, working on our listening skills and learning lots of new things about Scotland.  It has been braw!   The pupils particularly enjoyed organising themselves into human number line and could do it incredibly quickly after a couple of tries.

The children have all worked very hard this week so I hope they have a fun weekend but manage to get some good sleep as well.

Woodland Wonder

Yesterday afternoon Primary One enjoyed a wonderful afternoon in the woods with Eilidh from Woodland Trust. We gathered magic listening leaves, built two hedgehog houses, made a woodland wind chime, saw the fairy houses, had an aerial display by a buzzard and saw apples growing in the new orchard. We loved it all! Here are a few snapshots of our afternoon.

Have a lovely weekend everyone.


What a Great Start in Primary 1!

Despite all of the new things, routines and longer days, the pupils of Primary One have settled in beautifully!  Mrs Gaspar is very proud of them all.  We have done so much in such a short time.  This morning Mr Hunter did a ‘Welcome Back to School’ assembly and the children were all engaged and enjoyed it.

I wish you all a lovely weekend.  Please get some rest as it is sure to be a busy week back.

Paints and Problems in P1

Primary One are super excited to start their new topic of the ‘Lighthouse Keepers Lunch’ with a seaside focus. Miss Ward and Mrs Martin are helping the children to learn new skills in creating and using multimedia and a variety of techniques to make our own version of the story.  We are using our literacy skills to keep a Lighthouse Keeper’s log book and for other interesting pieces of functional and imaginative writing. We will be very excited to share this learning with our parents at our very own Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch on Friday the 1st of June. More information to follow.

We were also busy rescuing Holly, the cat, from the witch using a variety of problem solving strategies and working with a partner. You’ll need to ask a P1 pupil about it if you’d like more information.

Enjoy your weekend everyone!

Greetings from P1

We have certainly been busy bees since returning on Monday! Some of our activities included helping Farmer Green to get George the cat down from the barn roof, hiding numbers in our heads and using fingers and chins to add/subtract and trying our hands at healthy heart jump rope fun!

Primary One at Bellsquarry is a great place to be 😊 Enjoy your weekend everyone.

Happy World Book Day to all Primary Ones at Bellsquarry!

We couldn’t let this day go by without celebrating what we love to do in P1 and that is READ! So here are a couple of things that I thought we could do together on this very snowy day.

First, I would like you to watch this video from the World Book Day site https://www.worldbookday.com/biggest-book-show/ Make sure it is the illustrator’s video as the other one is for older children. It’s really fun. After it’s done, please write a sentence that starts with “My favourite story was ___________ because __________.”  We’ve been doing a lot of sentence writing so it will be easy for you. Then draw a picture of the book with the title, the author and the illustrator. Prepare to show this to the class on Monday.

The second challenge for you is to find your favourite book that you have at home and ask someone to read it with you. Try to read any of the words or sentences that you can to the person reading with you so it is a team effort. Bring that book to school with you and we will try to read all of the books by Friday!

Our author, Rachel McGaw, has been rescheduled for next Thursday afternoon so our reading celebration will continue. Don’t forget that she will have copies of both her books for sale on the day for £5 each and will sign each copy. If you’d like a look at her website it is https://rachelmcgaw.com/.

Stay safe and warm and get reading. I know that’s what I will be doing.

PS  You will also have extra time to prepare your class talk for presentation on Monday.

Dancing the Day Away

Primary One had an amazing time working with the choreographer learning the dance that goes along with the story, ‘The Enormous Crocodile’. The children learned some new moves and skills and responded to Lorraine very confidently. They were able to retell the story, set to music, using only movement and no sound. The teachers watched the final performance. It was wonderful!

新年快乐 -Happy New Year!

Primary One has enjoyed looking at Chinese New Year as part of our RME this week.  We learned that there are twelve animals in the zodiac calendar and that this year is the ‘Year of the Dog’.  We also discovered that the children born in 2012 are in the year of the dragon.

The pupils thought the parades, fireworks and lanterns looked beautiful.  They also fancied the idea of receiving money in a red envelope.  We know that the colour red represents good luck and gold represents wealth.  We all want to try some of the delicious dumplings that families enjoy!

Next week, we hope to create our own Chinese lanterns!

Have a lovely weekend.


Reading Buddies are Brilliant!

Primary One pupils are certainly enjoying reading time with their P7 buddies. Today was the second time that they’ve met. There was some excellent discussion about books and why the children would choose one book over the other. Primary One loved reading their books to the buddies providing them with a new audience! P7 pupils shared their favourite picture book from when they were younger. The little ones found that quite interesting. A great way to end the afternoon!

One Day in January

Well, it has certainly been an eventful week with all of the snow and ice.  The children have been very excited to come in with stories of snowmen and sledging.

This week was definitely more productive with the pupils, and teachers, back in the way of it.  So much new learning as the P1 children are now well settled and ready for a challenge.  Current skills in literacy and numeracy are being developed and new skills are being introduced.  The pupils each have their own learning journey that they will follow which is as it should be.

We are busy preparing for our upcoming assembly where we will share our learning about ‘All Things Scottish’ with the staff and pupils.  It will be exciting for the children to present their first assembly and will be good preparation for our parents’ assembly in the Spring.

For now, we wish you a lovely and safe weekend!