Primary 4 are GLOWing!!!

Primary 4 have been using their Glow accounts and Yammer to start our online learning group. Yammer is a great site, that is closely monitored by our West Lothian IT team, where pupils and staff can share ideas and learning. It’s also a fantastic, safe way to introduce pupils to social media. Here are the rules we’ve created…

– Only say/post things you would happily say or show in front of our headteacher

– Don’t write about anyone else

– Ask questions or for advice/recommendations

– Keep it about learning

– Always re-read your post before you post it

– Remember that everything that goes online stays online

We can mostly all now use an individual log in, create a new password, use the Office 365 ‘waffle’ to navigate to an app we want to use, search for a group, join a group, post a question or comment and use a GIF to support our ideas. As always, there have been a few ICT hiccups along the way but we’ll hopefully all be Glowing very very soon!!!!

P1G and P1C Update

Primary One had a super day yesterday in New Lanark!  We were very fortunate to have the entire place to ourselves and we were able to enjoy all of the activities at our leisure.  We traveled to Christmas past, we watched a movie in the cinema, we were stars in a panto  and we made a quick stop to the North to visit with Santa who gave each child a beautiful book.  We were even allowed a play in the interactive playroom with our spare time at the end.

All of the pupils behaved very well.  The director of education for New Lanark would like to include Bellsquarry as a school who tests pilot programmes which means we will travel and visit free of charge when these become available.  What great ambassadors we have!

Have a lovely wintry weekend, everyone!