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Hello from Hopetoun. This is a very busy term. We’re fast approaching that special time of year when there’s lots of things to make, create and decorate. However, at the moment we’re busy with our groups and theme work. Cooking is popular and we have some very good little chefs. Our theme is Nursery Rhymes. The children have been very busy creating wonderful art and craft including Hopetoun Humpty Dumptys! The children painted egg shapes then stuck on photos of their own eyes and mouths. We drew round their hands and feet and they also got stuck on. Finally they chose material to make their trousers or skirt. The boys made a great job of painting brick walls on our window for our Humptys to sit on. Our wall has a great display of Hey Diddle Diddle and Twinkle Twinkle. We’ve been listening to rhymes, and singing and playing along to rhymes too, and the children have been having fun dressing up as characters from different rhymes.

This term we’ve been having visits from the clown doctors which have been lots of fun. We’ve also started cross school ECO groups. Scarlett has been going to sensory water activities with teacher Jenna. Taylor and Fletcher have been exploring soil, water and bugs! with teacher Linda. Alex has stayed with me and we’ve been planting and cooking.

Busy Bees in Campsie!

The pupils in Campsie this year (14 -15) are Ava, Cerys, Jayden, Riley, Ethan and Victoria in the morning nursery and Kai, Andrew, Ty, Logan, Aaron and Muqtasid in the afternoon.

We are all busy little bees and have lots of fun learning as we play in nursery. Some of our favourite activities are soft play, multi-sensory and messy play.

We have a busy timetable: each day starts and ends with group time where we sing songs and listen to stories and we always have two snack times during our morning or afternoon. We have opportunities to meet with other nursery children from Lammermuir and Harburn when we go to assembly, music and P.E as well as our Eco Cross Class Groups where we either go to ‘Eco Bodies’, ‘Artcycling’ or ‘Biodiversity’.

We always have interesting topics – last term we were learning about ‘Myself’ and ‘People Who Help Us’ and we were excited to have a post person visit – Aleks showed us her uniform and we got the chance to post letters during a posting game and then later on we all posted real letters home!

The fire service weren’t able to come to visit last term but they are coming soon – s0 watch out for more photos!

This term we are learning about ‘Autumn’, ‘Scotland’ and ‘Christmas’. We’ve already started making something for our Christmas Fair stall… but we’re keeping it a secret.

Here is a wee photo gallery showing us in action – feel free to comment on the photos!

Welcome to Lammermuir!

Welcome to Lammermuir nursery! We have some new pupils in with us this year and some returners too. In the Morning we have Mitchell, Mackenzie, Max, Joshua, Matthew and Reece. In the afternoon we have Jack, Mollie, Neve and Orin. We have said goodbye to Natalie who has gone to Campsie and welcomed Anita to our staff team. Linda, Tracey and Annmarie are still here but poor Pauline has a broken heel so Kiki is in to cover. Get well soon Pauline.

We have all settling in and getting used to the nursery routines. We have made some new friends and have been enjoying lots of fun activities. In music we have been playing the drums and other instruments and listening to different songs. We all enjoy running around outside in the playground and in the gym hall. The boys have been making good use of the cars and enjoy being pulled around in the trailer!

Our topics have been myself, and people who help us. We have been learning about body parts and making self portraits. We have been learning about people who help us and so far we have looked at firemen and police men. Everyone is enjoying dressing up and playing with the small doll police station.

Fairtrade Fortnight

On the last day of Fairtrade Fortnight, we had a whole school assembly. Each class had to taste, smell and explore a number of items then decide which table containd the fairtrade products.  This was great fun and much to my dismay everybody guessed correctly!!

This was followed with a ‘Fairtrade Feast’ which each class contributed to.  There were many delicious combinations of chocolate and banana for us all to sample!!  Please view the slideshow below to see pictures from the event.