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Lommond and Hopetoun

It’s so good to be back seeing all the children’s happy faces around school. I am teaching in Lommond and Hopetoun this year. Whilst I have been there we have been doing lots of art activities. This term we are working alongside the topic of story land. We have been learning about Elmer the Elephant. We used lots of coloured squares and glued them onto an elephant template. The children enjoyed looking at all the bright colours and choosing where to put them on their elephants.

We also done some printing with bright colours using blocks to look like Elmer’s patches. We made ‘you-nique’ pictures that are all different with a picture of ourselves in the middle. The children loved getting messy with the paint!

We have been learning the story about the Tiger who came to Tea too!  We made some lovely tiger faces using orange tissue paper and black card.

We enjoyed listening to the Story ‘We’re going on a Bear Hunt’. The children made sensory pictures using various materials for each of the locations in the story. Long wavy grass, a snowstorm, a forest, oozy mud, a river and then finally….. A BEAR!!! The children enjoyed feeling the different materials and textures and sticking them on to create their own story.
It has been lovely also being part of the daily routines such as snack and lunch time and other activities that take place on a Wednesday and a Thursday.


Exploring in Harburn

We have had a busy start to our final term in Harburn. The children have been very busy exploring the outdoors and living things as part of our topic. We have enjoyed local walks in the community to collect various items to create a nature collage. We managed to find lots of sticks and leaves and also some flowers.

We have also been enjoying having the opportunity to be outdoors in the lovely weather exploring in the garden. We have been smelling flowers and plants, digging in soil and also doing some planting too. Our potatoes are beginning to grow and our sunflowers have sprouted too.

In art we made lovely yellow chicks and painted some beautiful flowers using Pom poms and colourful paint.

We are looking forward to looking after some caterpillars and butterflies later on in the term and having more opportunities to explore the outdoors.

World Book Day in Lammermuir

We have been reading lots of differnt books in Lammermuir. We have ejoyed some interactive stories,  Three Little Pigs, The Bear Hunt, The Hungry Caterpillar and The Gruffalo.  We made the Hungry Caterpillar and  Three Little Pigs in their different houses in art.  On World Book Day – Thursday 5th March 2015, we had a Gruffalo themed day. We listened to the story and we playefd the Gruffalo Monster Maker on the smartboard. We all made funny monsters. We coloured in masks and pictures of the gruffalo and played a Gruffalo memory game. what a busy day it has been!





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Welcome to Lammermuir!

Welcome to Lammermuir nursery! We have some new pupils in with us this year and some returners too. In the Morning we have Mitchell, Mackenzie, Max, Joshua, Matthew and Reece. In the afternoon we have Jack, Mollie, Neve and Orin. We have said goodbye to Natalie who has gone to Campsie and welcomed Anita to our staff team. Linda, Tracey and Annmarie are still here but poor Pauline has a broken heel so Kiki is in to cover. Get well soon Pauline.

We have all settling in and getting used to the nursery routines. We have made some new friends and have been enjoying lots of fun activities. In music we have been playing the drums and other instruments and listening to different songs. We all enjoy running around outside in the playground and in the gym hall. The boys have been making good use of the cars and enjoy being pulled around in the trailer!

Our topics have been myself, and people who help us. We have been learning about body parts and making self portraits. We have been learning about people who help us and so far we have looked at firemen and police men. Everyone is enjoying dressing up and playing with the small doll police station.

World Maths Day Fun

Children in Lammermuir have been having lots of fun working on learning numbers!

We have been painting the numbers one to ten for our classroom wall, singing lots of interactive number songs and playing number games on the smartboard!

We all enjoyed counting activities and cooking to help with our weighing and measuring.

We have got to make lots of yummy dishes over the past gew weeks…photos to follow later. Yum yum!