Ochiltree 2020/21

What a year!

Despite all the restrictions and changes over the past year we have managed to survive and cope tremendously well with a new way of life in Beatlie.

The children in Ochiltree adapted so well and have shown a great determination to develop and build on their skills as well as have fun in all the different activities new and old.

The Ochiltree team has had lots to deal with and we came together and enjoyed supporting the children to work on their independence skills and communication. Over the year you have witnessed how impressive they have been.

We have also had lots to do with Learning for Sustainability and helping out in the community which has been vitally important in this climate. The children all helped to start and maintain a vegetable garden producing vegetables used in our recipe book and cooking the different dishes as part of our Connectng Classrooms project with schools in Africa. We have also planted lots of flowers to encourage diversification and they are beginning to bloom with the summer sun.

There are so many moments I would love to share with you but I don’t know where I would stop. Please have a look at our video which gives just a short peek into life in Ochiltree.

Myself, Anna, Gina, Jacqueline, Shonet & Catherine would like to wish you all a fantastic summer and look forward to seeing you all again soon x


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