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RSPB Birdwatch

On Friday 1st February, Glen Tyler came to school to help us with our RSPB birdwatch. He took everyone out in small groups and we used the binoculars that Hugh Harrop and Ness Engineering have bought us.

We saw lots of starlings, house sparrows, a hooded crow, 2 herring gulls and a blackbird. The birds have enjoyed the seeds that we’ve been putting outside in all this cold weather.

On Monday 4th February our P6s (expert birdwatchers!) paired up with the Nursery bairns to help them complete their birdwatch.

Isaac “It was good fun and the nursery listened well.”

Cole “We helped the nursery go through all the bushes, so that they didn’t get hurt and it was good fun.”

Robert “It was really fun and they were so cute.”

Mirrin “It was really good and I was surprised at how well they listened and how many birds they knew.”

Topic Planning

Last week P6/7 started to plan the next two sections of their French topic. We found out about what everyone already knows, watched a few short videos about France and then using our skills planner, decided what we could do next.

Each group planned what they are going to include for their group and each group member decided what they are going to do each week. We’re really looking forward to finding out and presenting all the information.

Kenyan Penpals

During the October holidays Ms Scanlan received an email from Lomayana school, full of wonderful messages and pictures for the class. It is always lovely to see the beautiful designs and drawings that they send and it’s great to hear back from them all and see how they are getting on.

Here is a photo of the class with their messages.

Visit from French Teachers from Cannes

This week Suzy Drogy-Meier and Yann Gueyffier from Cannes came to visit our school on  Tuesday and Wednesday. They really enjoyed their visit and loved meeting the class and all the staff. They visited lots of classes and enjoyed working with the children, having conversations in French, reading books and helping our class write to their new pen pals in French. We’re looking forward to working together this year.

An excellent day at the County Sports



On  Monday the 4th June I went with the South Mainland sports team to compete at the County Sports competition at the athletics track. I was competing in 3 events. I did really well in the long jump coming 2nd with a new pb  4.03 metres. I also did quite well in the high jump coming 3rd and the highest height I cleared was 1.20m. And in the 400m I came 1st and I don’t know my time yet. It was a really good day and I would love to relive winning the 400m again.

by Ciaran

On Monday the 4th June Ciaran, Jacob, Ayla, Cameron, Lewis, Archie and I all from our school got to go to theCounty Sports which was at the Clickimin. I was in the 400 and 800 races, cricketball throw and the high jump. I didn’t do as well as I’d hoped but I really enjoyed myself. Overall our South Mainland team did really well and got 16 medals. I really enjoyed the day and would do it all again.

by Lily-Jane

Yesterday 7 people from Dunrossness got picked to go to the Clickimin to do County Sports. I took part in the high jump and the 400 metres race and I also had to stand in and do the sack race. Our team won the relay race and we won 16 medals between 18 of us. It was a really long day but we all tried our best. Overall I really enjoyed it.

by Ayla

I was doing the 100 metres and high jump. When we got there the events started almost immediately and I had to wait until midday for my events. I did high jump which I don’t really like and I went out quite quickly. I then did the 200 metres and enjoyed that. Then there was the medals  presentation and Archie got five medals. Overall it was really fun and I would love to do it again.

by Jacob

The Voar Redd Up

On Thursday 26th of April our school did the Voar Redd Up. Our school was nominated by a few people in the community to do the clean up. We also had to collect certain stuff that was on a sheet sent to us such as plastic bottles, mussel pegs, plastic rope and more. It was really nice that lots of the parents got involved. And we were very lucky as it was a really nice day outside. We found lots of interesting things. There were a lot of big pieces of cod boxes that had been broken up and washed up. Ruby and Tryphena were also collecting mermaid purses if anyone had found any. Someone also found a gas pump from Total.

You could definitely tell a big difference to the beach after it had been cleaned up, and I think everyone had done a really good job and  helped out a lot.

By Cerys P7

The beach before we arrived to clean it:

Hard at work

We were surprised just how quickly the skip for plastic filled up!

On our way back to school after a job well done.

The results of our labour- a much cleaner beach- but there is still more to be done.