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BBC Radio Scotland Junior Historians

What a great day we are having, with Rhona Brudenell from BBC Scotland and Davie Gardner from Radio Shetland making a Junior Historian radio programme, about the Braer.

We are having lots of visitors in to talk to us and we have learned all about the Braer disaster. We have been learning how to ask good questions to find out the most interesting information.

The visitors today were Jonathan Wills, Helen Moncreiff, Jim Budge, Sheila Fowlie and Mary Blance.

Carla – It has been really good fun, we have learnt a lot.

Becca – It’s quite nerve racking peaking into a microphone.

Isaiah – I have really enjoyed listening to their stories, it’s been fun learning, like a treat!

Hari-Lou – It’s a bit odd, but exciting.

Robert B – I’m really looking forward to hearing it on the radio.


John Muir Day 3

On Friday 19th April, the P7s had their final John Muir day out with Pete Richardson. It was a beautiful sunny day and so Pete decided to take us up to Eshaness to have a wild cliff adventure.

He took us down onto a cliff beach for our lunch no.1 and then anyone brave enough could shuffle down another rock face and look into an enormous cave. There were puffins on the ledges and the kittiwakes were back on their nests.

We walked back up along the cliff a little bit further and then cut inland to the Holes of Scrada and the peerie broch.

Thanks Pete!




On Wednesday 29th August, the Primary 7s went to see a film called Breadwinner.

It was about a young girl called Parvana who lived in Kabul, the capital of  Afghanistan, in around late 2001. Since she is a girl, she does not have the same rights that boys have. When her father is taken to prison, she cuts her hair, and pretends to be a boy, so she can be the breadwinner for her family.

It was a very heartwarming film and it made us realise how lucky we are, and that we should be very grateful for what we have.

Emmy – I thought it was a very good film and the animation was beautiful.

Ronan – It was very interesting and it made me feel lucky for what I have.

Junias – I would give it 4/5 stars.

Tryphena – I thought it was very moving.

By Emmy and Lily-Jane P7

P7’s trip to Michael’s Wood

On the 10th of May  P7 went to Michael’s Wood for the day to help maintain it and clean it up. We had to go on the bus to get there. When we got there we got sorted into jobs.

Learning how to protect new trees.

Some people cleaned up moss and some people were painting wooden posts. Molly painted a a little toy house and Ayla and Emily painted an arch, Emily had to go on Ayla’s back to reach the top of it. Before they started painting Molly, Ayla and Emily swept up and cleaned inside the little toy house and the poly tunnel.

Some people were going round with wheelbarrows and picking up sticks that were on the path and other people were planting trees.

Some people were going round with wheelbarrows and picking up sticks that were on the path and other people were planting trees.

We stopped to have snack, we had it in the poly tunnel and it was warmer than it was outside in there.

We helped to plant new trees.

Ally clearing away moss.

Molly painting the arch.

Emily required help from Ayla to reach the high parts!

We worked again after snack then stopped to have lunch. We were allowed to have it were ever we wanted, some people had it at the teddy bears picnic but some people had it on the swings. After lunch we got to play, some people played hide and seek and some people played with the children’s toys. we finished our jobs and then we had lunch . After lunch we played whole class hide and seek in the woods. It was a really good day and everyone enjoyed it.

By Niamh, Ally and Fearghas

The Voar Redd Up

On Thursday 26th of April our school did the Voar Redd Up. Our school was nominated by a few people in the community to do the clean up. We also had to collect certain stuff that was on a sheet sent to us such as plastic bottles, mussel pegs, plastic rope and more. It was really nice that lots of the parents got involved. And we were very lucky as it was a really nice day outside. We found lots of interesting things. There were a lot of big pieces of cod boxes that had been broken up and washed up. Ruby and Tryphena were also collecting mermaid purses if anyone had found any. Someone also found a gas pump from Total.

You could definitely tell a big difference to the beach after it had been cleaned up, and I think everyone had done a really good job and  helped out a lot.

By Cerys P7

The beach before we arrived to clean it:

Hard at work

We were surprised just how quickly the skip for plastic filled up!

On our way back to school after a job well done.

The results of our labour- a much cleaner beach- but there is still more to be done.

SMUHA 2018- A brilliant day!

Primary 7 Jarl Squad- ready for the big day!

Michaela- The Jarl……enjoying every minute of the celebrations.

Michaela commented, “SMUHA is one of the best days of the year and having the honour of being the Jarl makes it even better.”

Today is SMUHA and I was part of our school Jarl Squad. First of all we came into school and got into costume, and got our helmets and cloaks. Then we headed outside and it was very cold but I soon warmed up. As we were walking to the football pitch everyone started singing the Up Helly Aa song and The Galley Song, over and over again, until we got there. (My throat was very sore!) After that everyone threw their torches into the galley. We watched it burn for a little while and then went over to the Boddam Hall for snack and to do our acts.

Our act was called The Axe Factor. After all the practising it turned out really good! It was a brilliant day but it was hard keeping it a secret.  Written by Emily

Today was SMUHA 2018. I was in the P7 Jarl Squad. It was a very good experience. At 09:15 we left to go to the Boddam football pitch  where we burned the galley, which was named Lia after Lena, lsaiah and Alex. Then we went into Boddam Hall to do the acts and to wait for the real 2018 Jarl Squad to come. The Squad acts were very good. I especially liked the one about the teacher disco. For our Squad act it was The Axe Factor. After the act a lot of people (mainly P5/6 boys) said, “The cringe crew should have won!” But it doesn’t really matter.

When the real Jarl Squad came it was really good and they could sing so loud! After all that we went out to see the big galley. Then we went back to school. All in all it was an amazing day; the  costumes, act and everything else in between. I also enjoyed all the support, from, what they called themselves, ‘No 1 Cringe Crew fans’.  SMUHA was amazing and I would love to do it again. By Ciaran

Carys said, “ It was a great day, I loved it. I really liked seeing the big Jarl Squad and I’ve got a sore throat from all the singing!”

”It was really great fun. I would do it all again. Michaela was a really good Jarl.” (Niamh)

Emmy commented, “I really enjoyed the Squad acts and it was worth the wait.”

”It was amazing and I would love to do it all again,” said Ayla.

”I really enjoyed walking down to the pitch. Everyone was singing and cheering as loud as they could,” said Lauryn.

”It was amazing. I really enjoyed seeing the big a Jarl Squad and their galley.” (Lily-Jane)

SSPCA Visits P6/7

We started off the lesson by playing a Pets Patrol Race game. We had to answer a variety of questions about animals we usually keep as pets. There were some quite tricky ones.

We then watched a video clip showing the various ways in which the SSPCA support farmers to look after their livestock. Inspectors check that animals have enough space, are well fed, and in a healthy condition, with enough food. and water. They check for diseases such as ringworm and for any problems with hoofs. If there are any problems a welfare notice can be placed, with a given time to make the necessary changes.

After this we watched a video about mistreated pets. The SSPCA deal with a great variety of animals including, snakes, ferrets and rats.

We then discussed all the things we need to do to our pets healthy and happy,  including spending time with them and ensuring they have enough space, food and water. We also discussed measures you can take if your circumstances change and you need to rehome a pet.

It really made us think about how important it is to take responsibility for looking after animals.