Support for Learning

The Support for Learning (SfL)Department is part of the overall Pupil Support facility provided at the Anderson High School. Due to the variety of needs, there are a wide variety of strategies and resources used to support all pupils with learning support needs.

In meeting the individual needs of pupils SfL staff follow the SIC Framework to support the ongoing planning and development of quality educational provision for Children and Young People with additional support needs. This is closely aligned to the Scottish Governments policy on “Getting it Right for Every Child” (GIRFEC)

  • Mainstream classes
    Support for Learning staff provide consultation and support for subject teachers and a point of contact or any relevant help for the pupils.
  • Additional support in mainstream classes
    A Support for Learning teacher or Learning Support Worker will provide the appropriate support to enable the pupil to be included in the mainstream curriculum. This means that the pupil does not have to be withdrawn from the class and can, therefore, benefit from the information given by the subject teacher and the extra help given by Support for Learning staff.
  • Additional support in the Support for Learning base
    A number of pupils with more specific learning difficulties may be withdrawn from class for direct tuition with Support for Learning staff. This may be for certain subjects, such as English and Maths, or a specific area of need, where pupils work on a differentiated curriculum. Support for Learning staff will draw up an Additional Learning Plan (ALP) or an Individualised Educational Programme (IEP). In some cases, these pupils may also be supported by a GIRFEC Child’s Plan depending on their particular needs. If pupils are to be withdrawn from mainstream classes this is only done after due consideration of other options and in consultation with pupils’ parents/carers.
  • SfL Classes
    Some subject teachers run classes for small groups of pupils with complex needs.  These can vary yearly but have included French, Art, ICT, PE and Science.
  • Alternative Curriculum
    For pupils whose support needs require a smaller setting or a significant level of differentiation SfL teachers plan and deliver the curriculum.  This is usually supported by an Individualised Education Plan.  A small number of pupils with multiple, complex and long-term needs may require a more in-depth level of planning and multi-agency working to meet their educational needs. These pupils are usually supported by a Coordinated Support Plan (CSP) which is a statutory document.  This is reviewed annually.
  • Short-term difficulties and Social, Emotional and Behavioural (SEBN) needs
    The SfL Department also supports pupils who experience short-term difficulties caused, for example, by absence or illness. SfL staff also support pupils with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties.  SfL staff work in conjunction with Pupil Support and promoted staff in this area. Again, in some cases, pupils with SEBN needs may be supported by a GIRFEC Child’s Plan depending on their needs.

Should parents require further information on Support for Learning, they should feel free to contact the school.