Craft, Design and Technology Department


S1 Magnets

A selection of finished “Creature Feature” Magnets from 1P3
A selection from 1P1

1P1 and 1P3 Have been making fridge magnets with Mr Robertson.  The Project included producing a folio of work during the recent lockdown and then manufacturing the final design in the school workshop.  The Magnets had to be designed to suit as a free promotional item in a new space themed cereal packet. The cover of the folio represents the cereal box.

Pupils have gone through the design process and found out about freelance designers vs in house designers as well as types of plastic, sustainability and recycling.  The finished products are pretty cool!



Graphic Communication Ocean Kinetics Visit  28/3/19

Our Higher Graphic Communication class had an excellent opportunity to visit Ocean Kinetics workshop in Lerwick.

Pupils designed a phone holder on AutoDesk Inventor and this file was adapted to allow the machinery at the workshop to access it.

Plasma cutter in action

The profiles were cut with a plasma cutter, then the pupils used files to deburr the blanks.  These were transferred to the press where they were folded up and the final product was realized.


We would like to thank Scott Nicolson and all the staff at Ocean Kinetics for the two excellent mornings spent in the workshops.

S2 Peerie Box  08/03/19

S2 are currently working on a small wooden trinket box which focuses on building and improving their confidence with woodworking tools and has introduced an element of design. Here we have two recent examples which have taken their design inspiration from a specific target market. This element of the project was pupil lead so that each box produced would be unique to the individual designer and reflected their end users likes, hobbies or interests.

Bridge Builders  05/03/19

Two S3 teams from the Anderson High School entered the CITB bridge building competition at Shetland College today.  Team Anderson 123 won the Most Efficient Bridge prize and “the A-Team” did really well too.  Both teams had a great day out and we would really like to thank CITB Shetland and the team at Shetland College for a great experience

The A-team
Team Anderson 123


S3 Woodworkers 15/02/19

Both S3 Practical woodworkers have completed a wider range of models this year with the time having been increased from 2 periods a week to 3. We think they have done very well!

Here are some examples – spice racks, egg holders, wall shelves, peerie stools, bookends, mug trees and kitchen roll holders.


The craftwork has included shaping and forming, carcass joints, frame joints and  lathe work.