Modern Languages

· Home learning for French and German will alternate weekly.
· There shall be a maximum of 4 tasks for each language in Terms 1 and 2.
· Regular Vocabulary tests will take place throughout the term, weekly or fortnightly.
· Winter Evaluations for both languages will take place in February/March. This will consist of a READING task, a LISTENING task, a GRAMMAR task, a TALK and a piece of WRITING. These will be prepared for at home during Term 3.

The Modern Languages department is on the second floor of the AHS.

Modern Language teachers include:

  • Mrs H McNicol (Principal Teacher)
    Room 2.11
  • Mrs V Coyne
    Room 2.07
  • Mrs V Pearson
    Room 2.08
  • Mr E Perdu 
    Room 2.09
  • Mrs J D’Eathe
    Room 2.06
  • Mrs M Nicolson
    Room 2.13


From Curriculum for Excellence – Modern Languages: Principles and Practice: