During this course you will develop the following skills:

 Specific language skills

  • reading/listening for gist and for detail in authentic texts/audio/video-recordings in the target language
  • preparing effectively for a reading/listening activity
  • answering comprehension questions in the target language and in English
  • writing a summary/commentary
  • making notes in English and in the target language
  • speaking from notes/recording /giving a presentation
  • asking and answering questions

 General academic skills

  • summarizing information concisely
  • researching information in different media
  • critically discussing and reflecting on views/intentions expressed or events recounted
  • using a dictionary effectively
  • reflecting about one’s own learning
  • recognizing different language styles
  • communicating views and opinions effectively

The material you will engage with will fall into the following broad areas or contexts:

  • society
  • culture
  • learning
  • employability

The course assessment has five components.

Component 1: question paper 1   Reading 30 marks                                         2 hours

Component 2: question paper 1   Directed writing 20 marks (scaled mark 15)

Component 3: question paper 2   Listening 20 marks (scaled mark 30)       30 minutes approx.

Component 4: Assignment–writing     20 marks (scaled mark 15)

Component 5: Performance–talking   30 marks      10 minutes approximately

Assignment–writing   Candidates are assessed on one of the four contexts.

Performance–talking Candidates are assessed on at least two of the four contexts.