Links to Websites

 Pearson Active Learn – Home Learning Website 

(This website works best through Google Chrome)

Home Learning in Modern Languages is often done online using this website.       Teachers will provide pupils with a logon and password to be able to access the site and complete the tasks set by the teacher.  Usually weekly or bi-weekly.  It’s always worth checking to see if your teacher has set you a task.

BBC Languages
This site gives all kinds of different acivities, usually linked in some way to the TV programs they produce, but you don’t need to watch the programs to use the site.

Current Newspaper articles – Username: AndersonHigh  Password : theday

Revision Websites

BBC Bitesize Revision – N5 French
BBC Bitesize Revision – Higher French

BBC Bitesize Revision – N5 German
BBC Bitesize Revision – Higher German

German Reading and Grammar

Games Websites

French/German vocabulary and grammar – French/German/Spanish any level.            This website allows you to play games, learn vocabulary and grammar.

Grammar and Vocabulary revision                                          This website allows you to practise grammar and vocabulary in both French and German