Our BGE course is currently taught in two languages, French and German, allowing pupils to build on prior knowledge from the Primary. Pupils can continue with their language learning in the BGE and also experience another language, the L3.

As of June 2018 – S1 and S2 will study both languages

The course enables pupils to:

  • develop a secure understanding of how different languages work and how communication is achieved
  • engage with others to develop listening and talking skills to effectively communicate in a variety of contexts, including through conversation, paired speaking activities, games and song.
  • understand and apply knowledge about language to compare spelling patterns and experiment with language, using features of their own language to help understanding.
  • develop more extended vocabulary to be able to write on a widening range of topics, using a variety of structures and tenses with increased accuracy.
  • establish firm foundations for further specialist learning
  • understand that being able to communicate in another language is an important life-skill in today’s global market
  • research texts to enhance a greater understanding of different cultures and an appreciation of different ways of looking at the world
  • apply skills and understanding creatively and logically to enhance literacy
  • appreciate how the imaginative and effective use of technologies can enhance the development of skills and concepts.