National 5

A Guide to National 5

There are 2 units in this course:

  1.  Understanding Language:  Reading and Listening
  2. Using Language : Talking and Writing

We cover 4 contexts throughout these units:

Society – Family/Friends/Lifestyle/Media

Learning – Education

Employability – Jobs/Work/CVs

Culture – Planning a trip/Other countries/Special events, festivals/Literature/Film, TV

Assessment – There are 4 components

There will be assessments throughout the year in all 4 skills – Reading/Listening/Talking & Writing

These will be marked by your class teacher and feedback will be given to you to help you improve.

Component 1 : You will prepare a presentation followed up with a conversation which will count as part of your Final Exam.  This will be done with your class teacher in March and marked internally.  This is worth 25% of your final grade and will cover at least 2 of the contexts.

Component 2 : You will prepare a piece of writing on a topic of your choice (120-200 words) which will count as part of your Final Exam.  This will be done with your class teacher but marked externally.  This is worth 12.5% of your final grade and will cover one of the contexts.

Component 3: a Reading & Writing Paper worth 25% and 12.5% consecutively.

Component 4 : a Listening Paper worth 25%

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