National 4

A Guide to National 4

There are 3 units in this course:

  1.  Understanding Language:  Reading and Listening
  2. Using Language : Talking and Writing
  3. Added Value Unit:  An investigation and report on a topic of your choice

We cover 4 contexts throughout these units:

Society – Family/Friends/Lifestyle/Media

Learning – Education

Employability – Jobs/Work/CVs

Culture – Planning a trip/Other countries/Special events, festivals/Literature/Film, TV


There will be internal assessments throughout the year in all 4 skills – Reading/Listening/Talking & Writing

These will be marked by your class teacher and feedback will be given to you to help you improve.  You are required to pass at least one assessment in each of the 4 skills.

The Added Value Unit must be passed in order achieve National 4.  This involves you researching a topic of interest, selecting appropriate information in order to give a short oral presentation in the target language and showing you can understand written texts about this topic.

There is no External Exam at National 4 level.