S2 Inter Schools Badminton Competition

On the 28th of November, 5 schools; AHS, Brae High School, Aith Junior High School, Sandwick Junior High School and Baltasound Junior High School all gathered at the Scalloway games hall to compete in the S2 Inter Schools Badminton Competition.

Representing AHS were Artur Vavilovs, James Smith, Keegan Brown, Ruth Anderson, Emily Gifford and Gracie Gowans Little.

For the girls, Ruth came first beating Eva Clark from Aith in the final 21-18.  For the boys James came first beating Keegan in the final 21-16, 21-11.  AHS also won the team trophy for having the highest  average points per game over the day.

The first and second place boys and girls will go onto Perth in March next year to play in the Scottish Schools Badminton competition.  We wish Keegan, Ruth, James and Eva from Aith good luck.

Report by the AHS badminton team.

S3 Volleyball Event

S3 pupils who have chosen P.E. as a subject, took part in a Volleyball event where there were 20 teams of 4.  Matches were played on a badminton court size court and round robin format was used.  Lots of games were played and our pupils demonstrated some excellent volleyball skills.  Results:

Round 1 Round 2 Round 3
Court Court Court
1 15 1v2 8 1 10 13v14 9 1 13 7v4 7
2 4 3v4 15 2 11 15v16 15 2 10 9v6 6
3 13 5v6 3 3 17 17v18 2 3 15 11v8 12
4 3 7v8 14 4 2 19v20 12 4 10 13v10 6
5 16 9v10 4 5 13 1v3 7 5 4 15v12 11
6 5 11v12 11 6 15 5v2 4 6 12 17v14 10
Round 4 Round 5 Round 6
Court Court Court
1 5 19v16 20 1 7 13v6 8 1 14 1v7 11
2 12 20v18 8 2 3 15v8 23 2 8 9v5 14
3 5 1v5 16 3 11 17v10 15 3 9 11v3 14
4 15 7v3 8 4 16 19v12 14 4 13 13v2 9
5 12 9v2 12 5 8 20v14 7 5 5 15v4 19
6 6 11v4 18 6 7 18v16 21 6 15 17v6 5
Round 7 Round 8 Round 9
Court Court Court
1 7 19v8 11 1 8 13v5 8 1 16 16v10 7
2 11 20v10 10 2 5 15v3 11 2 11 14v12 9
3 3 18v12 20 3 17 17v2 4 3 16 1v11 7
4 11 16v14 15 4 9 19v4 11 4 8 13v9 11
5 9 1v9 10 5 13 20v6 7 5 3 15v7 15
6 10 11v7 12 6 10 18v8 11 6 10 17v5 11
Round 10 Round 11
Court Court
1 2 19v3 18 1 4 1v13 18
2 10 20v2 5 2 10 15v11 15
3 9 18v4 15 3 12 17v9 9
4 16 16v6 7 4 9 19v7 11
5 12 14v8 10 5 9 20v5 6
6 16 12v10 7 6 9 18v3 12

S2/3 Sports Days 2019

Well done to team Fitful in the S2 Sportsday and Hermaness in the S3 Sports day.  Some excellent performances were given in both days.  Results are below.

Event Girls Distance/Time Boys Distance/Time
100m Mykala Sumner 14.87 Ewan Hutcheson 13.37
200m Caitlin Brandie 32.72 Ewan Hutcheson 29.34
800m Tegan Hendren 3.08.69 Reece Black 2.45.00
High Jump Sofia Maxwell 1.32m Harry Simpson 1.60m
SLJ Sofia Maxwell 2.14m Finn Regan 2.42m
STJ Sanna Forsyth 6.22m Finn Regan 7.90m
SVJ Sanna Forsyth 63cm Finn Regan 67cm
Cricket Ball Throw Tegan Hendren 30.90m Thomas Calder 40.10m
Seated Throw Tegan Hendren 9.60m Ross Young 11.10m

Overall Team winner – Hermaness




S2 Results

Event Girls Distance/Time Boys Distance/Time
100m Sadie Fox 14.12 Seb Inkster 13.81
200m (60/40) Sadie Fox 33.37 Seb Inkster 32.53
800m (60/40) Caitlin Spence 3.07.75 Johnny Murray 2.38m
High Jump Sadie Fox 1.40m Lewis Drever/Johnny Murray 1.25m
SLJ Ashleigh Hughson 2.06m Barron Robertson 2.38m
STJ Sadie Fox 5.85m Marley Teale 6.15m
SVJ Kanchanna Walls 50cm Seb Inkster 54cm
Cricket Ball Throw Nicole Rendall 26.10m Marley Teale 36.70
Seated Throw Kanchanna Walls 9.40m Marley Teale 9.90m

Overall Team winner – Fitful


Football Friendly Match: Anderson High School vs. Mid Yell Junior High School


The 60/40 hosted an entertaining game of football as Mid Yell JHS visited the Anderson High School on Friday the 9th of November. The teams played a very competitive first half with plenty of chances at both ends. The deadlock was finally broken just before half time by AHS forward Marta Leslie. In the second half, both teams continued to work hard but the AHS slowly started to create more chances against a young but determined Mid Yell side. The AHS scored six more times in the second half through Tash Matoba (2), Tegan Hendren (2), Lois Philips and Kayla Shearer to make the final score 7-0. Both teams should be commended on the effort, ability and determination displayed throughout the match. A special thanks to referee Ross Nicholson who did an excellent job overseeing a game played in a very sporting manner.

Scottish Rugby Visit

Anderson High School had the pleasure of welcoming the Scottish Rugby Union into school last Friday as part of their tour around the country with the Calcutta Cup.  Chris Patterson, ex player and current leading points scorer for Scotland accompanied the cup.  Two of our S3 P.E. classes experienced a coaching session with Chris on Friday afternoon and had a great session.  Our thanks go to Active Schools for organising the visit and supporting the sessions that were held.


S3 Sports Day

Another great sports day today with our S3 pupils having their opportunity to shine in athletics.  The scores were very close again between the teams, with Hermaness coming out on top.  Individual winners are also listed below.  Special mention to Isla Murphy and Kara Sharp who won 3 events apiece.  Luke Jackson also managed to win 3 individual events.  Well done to all who took part.

Hermaness winning team
OVERALL Fitful Hermaness Noss Ronas
TOTAL 294 305 275 288
Individual winners
S3 Boys Girls
800m Matthew Spence 2.45.92 Tahlia Leslie 2.56.72
200m Luke Anderson 29.12 Kara Sharp 31.21
100m Luke Jackson 13.5 Kara Sharp 13.94
Cricket Ball Throw Luke Jackson 40.4m Sonja Kurtz 34m
Seated Throw Ivar Shannon 11.5m Freya Masson 7.7m
Robbie Jamieson 11.5m
Shot Putt
Standing V Jump Robbie Jamieson 55cm Isla Murphy 54cm
Standing L Jump Luke Jackson 2.18m Isla Murphy 2.15m
Standing T Jump Aiden Leask 7.1m Isla Murphy 6.38m
High Jump Reuben Dix 1.42m Kara Sharp 1.25m (CB)

S2 action from today.

S2 100 metres finals.

Finn Regan in action in the high jump.  Great performance from him in particular, winning 5 events.  Another top performer was Mia Kirkness who won 3 events.


What a great day today with our S2 sports day.  Unfortunately we were not blessed with some of the fine weather we have been having lately however, the day was still a great success.  There were some excellent individual results as well as collective efforts from our four house teams which were resurrected from previous years – Hermaness, Noss, Fitful and Ronas.  Photos below  of the winning team and individual winners.

S2 Sports Day Winning Team – Fitful – 314 Points

OVERALL Fitful Hermaness Noss Ronas
TOTAL 314 241 293 299

S2 Sports Day Individual Winners

S2 Boys Girls
800m Brandon Pearson 2.40.56 Kaylee Tulloch 2.51.06
200m Finn Regan 28.47 Mia Kirkness 31.18
100m Finn Regan 13.44 Mia Kirkness 14.56
Cricket Ball Throw Alek Trifonovs 39.3m Amy Hunter 24.6m
Seated Throw Alek Trifonovs 8.5m Mia Kirkness 7.4m
Shot Putt
Standing V Jump Finn Regan 67cm Caitlin Brandie 57cm
Standing L Jump Finn Regan 2.27m Sophia Maxwell 1.93m
Standing T Jump Finn Regan 6.9m Heather MacDonald 5.8m
High Jump Harry Sandison 1.35m Sophia Maxwell 1.15m (CB)


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