Through music, learners have rich opportunities to be creative and to experience inspiration and enjoyment. Performing and creating music will be the prominent activities for all learners. Through these activities they develop their vocal and instrumental skills, explore sounds and musical concepts, and use their imagination and skills to create musical ideas and compositions. They can further develop their understanding and capacity to enjoy music through listening to musical performances and commenting on them. They use ICT to realise or enhance their composition and performance, and to promote their understanding of how music works.
from “Curriculum for Excellence: Expressive Arts”

Through extensive research we know there are many wider benefits of music education and musical experiences.  These include promoting healthy lives and cognitive benefits such as increasing attainment, improving levels of literacy and numeracy and the emotional, social and physical wellbeing of our young people.   All those involved with children and young people have an important part to play in developing these skills and encouraging our young people to have a lifelong appreciation of music and its place in contributing effectively to Scotland’s culture.
Dr Alasdair Allan MSP Minister for Learning, Science and Scotland’s Languages