National 5 Music

Aims of the Course

  • To develop the pupil’s ability to play and perform music on 2 different instruments of their choice from those available in the department. (This includes instruments that pupils may be receiving instrumental instruction on).
  • To develop the pupil’s ability to understand compositional techniques and use these to compose.
  • To develop the pupil’s understanding of musical terminology and theory and their ability to use this knowledge to comment on a range of styles and types of music.

Description of the Course

  • Students will work towards a National Qualification at National 5. The course has 3 elements:
  • Performance – You will learn and perform music in a variety of styles and genres and developing skills on the 2 chosen instruments. By the end of the course you must reach Grade 3 standard or above.
  • Composition – You will study composer’s work and learn how to use compositional techniques to compose music to the required standard for the qualification.
  • Understanding Music: You will develop a knowledge and understanding of musical concepts, musical theory and a range of musical styles and periods.

How is the Course Assessed?

  • Performing is assessed by a visiting examiner and is worth 50% of the course award/final grade.
  • Listening skills are assessed with a 45-minute written listening exam and is worth 35% of the course award/final grade.
  • Composing is assessed by SQA and will be worth 15% of the overall course award/final grade.