Advanced Higher Music

Aims of the Course

  • The Advanced Higher Music Course is designed to help learners develop their knowledge of music concepts and music literacy and to integrate and apply this understanding in practical learning activities.
  • Develop performing skills in solo and/or group settings on their selected instruments or on one instrument and voice.
  • Perform challenging music with sufficient accuracy while maintaining the musical flow.
  • Create original music using compositional methods and music concepts creatively when composing, arranging or improvising.
  • Broaden their knowledge and understanding of music and musical literacy and identifying a range of music signs, symbols and music concepts.
  • Critically reflect on and evaluate their own work and that of others.

Description of the Course

The course has 3 elements:

  • Performance – You will learn and perform music in a variety of styles and genres and developing skills on the 2 chosen instruments or focus on a programme of performance on one instrument as well as producing a composition folio (over and above the composing assignment). By the end of the course you must reach Grade 5 standard or above.
  • Composition – You will study composer’s work and learn how to use compositional techniques to compose an original piece of music lasting 1 minutes to 4 min 30 seconds.
  • Understanding Music – You will develop a knowledge and understanding of musical concepts, musical theory and a range of musical styles and periods.

How is the Course Assessed

  • Question Paper (35%)
    1 hour 15 minute question paper based on concepts and literacy work covered in class.
  • Assignment – Composition (15%)
    Compose 1 piece of original music lasting min. of 1 minute and max. of 4 min 30 secs.
    Select a piece of music by a different composer and analyse the compositional methods and music concepts that have been used.
  • Performance – Instrument 1 (25%)
    Perform a minimum of two pieces on their chosen instrument or voice for a minimum duration of 6 minutes (must be grade 5 standard or above)
  • Choice of: (25%)
    Performance – Instrument 2
    Both instruments should be total time of 18 minutes and must be grade 5 standard or above.
    Candidates compose a minimum of 2 pieces of music with a minimum duration of 6 minutes