Literacy and Numeracy

Within Curriculum for Excellence, there are three areas which are the responsibility of all staff. These are “Numeracy across learning”, “Numeracy across learning” and “Health and Wellbeing across learning”.


Literacy Across Learning

Literacy is defined as:

the set of skills which allows an individual to engage fully in society and in learning, through the different forms of language, and the range of texts, which society values and finds useful.

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Numeracy Across Learning

What does it mean to be numerate within Curriculum for Excellence?

Being numerate helps us to function responsibly in everyday life and contribute effectively to society. It increases our opportunities within the world of work and establishes foundations which can be built upon through lifelong learning. Numeracy is not only a subset of mathematics; it is also a life skill which permeates and supports all areas of learning, allowing young people access to the wider curriculum.

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