Christmas Nativity

Lucy, Anna & Titchy

On Tuesday 15th December, the pupils of Abernyte Primary performed the Nativity as part of their End of Term Service for family and friends.

Anna and Lucy (P1) write:

“We were Joseph and Mary. The play was called Christmas  with the Aliens.  There was  lots of songs . It was fun. A horse was brought by Lucy and she rode the horse in the play.”




The Witches at Dundee REP


On Wednesday 9th December, the pupils of Abernyte Primary went to the Dundee REP theatre to watch their rendition of Roald Dahl’s classic children’s story “The Witches”.

“It was BRILLIANT” said Molly and Lucy(P6).

Layla and Ellen said:
“We went to The Witches. Mr Billen and Ms Mackenzie came with us. We got to go to the front row because lots of schools could not come. In the interval we got ice cream or an ice lolly. The Witches was very amusing, sad and funny, even though the boy’s parents were sadly killed in a car crash – the road was slippy.”

Junior Carsonians

P1000083Cara writes:

“The Junior Carsonians met up at Longforgan Primary School. All the groups showed each other the research on Patrick Matthew’s family tree. Everyone was amazed at ours because we had built a 3D family tree. We all learnt a lot about Patrick Matthew because everyone contributed.

The Junior Carsonians went on a trip to the Archive in the AK Bell Library. We went to the archive to learn about Patrick Matthew. When we got there we got split into 2 groups. The group which I was in went into the archive room and got lots of documents to look at. We saw the Abernyte School book – it was really exciting. The groups switched and I got to go in to see all the old documents.”