The Legacy Games

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On Wednesday 20th May, Primary 5 and 6 travelled to Errol to take part in the Legacy Games, with P7 helping as Event Co-ordinators.

Lucy (P5) reports:

“The Legacy Games were held on 20th of May 2015 in Errol Primary School. Invergowrie, Inchture, Errol, Longforgan and Abernyte P5s Joshua, Cara and Molly were all there. First they did the obstacle course, next the triple jump, and then they went on to standing long jump. After that they all went out for a break and a little snack. Next they did running, then javelin and the shot-put. They enjoyed the big fun run where Cara came 2nd, Lucy 3rd, Layla 4th and Molly was 6th. I think it was a wonderful day, but why is there never enough time for a teachers’ race?”

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Safe TaySiders


Joshua (P7) reports:

“The Safe Taysiders event took place on Tuesday the 19th May at Scone and the whole point of it was to learn to be safe around people and what to do in bad situations. P7s from all the schools in the Carse of Gowrie went to this event to learn to be safe and also to hope to win two Halfords bikes! All the stations were about false items, electricity, water area and CPR. At each station you would have a rating out of 10 of how safe you were and how much you knew about the subject. All the phones were linked to a station and when you called 999 the person there at the station would act like the police, ambulance and firemen. All the stations are really helpful for kids to learn more about our world and what can happen and how to be safer around our environment. It also gave P7s a chance to meet P7s from other schools which helps us in our transition to Perth High School.”

Blooming Artists

Molly Blooming Artists

Blooming Artists is being held from Friday 15 May until Sunday 14 June at Perth Museum and Art Gallery.

Molly (P6) reports:

“Blooming artists is held every year during the Perth Festival of the Arts and is when pupils from all over Perthshire send in pictures that they have made or drawn. 

Blooming Artists gives an opportunity to kids and makes their pictures seen in Perth and Kinross.  Most of the pictures sent in will be up on display. 

When I went I saw all the pictures and some were AMAZING! Some kids may be inspired and grow up to have a career as an artist.

Every year one picture will be chosen and made in to the poster to advertise the event.  This year it was my picture that was chosen!”

Songs For Time Travellers


On Thursday 7th May, pupils from Abernyte Primary travelled to Perth Concert Hall to take part in the annual Show-In-A-Day event.  Following on from last year’s successful performance of “The Sound of Music”, schools were invited this year to take part in a performance which charted the development of Western music throughout history.


Pupils and staff dressed the part, wearing costumes based on outfits from the 1960’s.

After a day of song rehearsals, a short performance was put on, which featured the songs:

“The Complete History Of Western Music”
“Chattanooga Choo Choo”
“Rock Around The Clock”
“At The Hop”
“Let It Be”
“Wake Me Up”
Layla (P5) reports:
“Hundreds of primary school children spent the day at Perth concert hall for Day of Song. The theme this year was Songs for Time Travellers. Each school had chosen a different decade and both children and teachers were dressed in the fashion of those times. They filled the auditorium and two children from each school were chosen to go on stage to stand on stage together. Everyone sang the various songs from the past which they have been busy learning over the past few weeks which included among many Let it be by the Beatles. An adult orchestra accompanied them and a great time was had by all.”