Blankets for Babies

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Molly (P7) reports:

“On Friday the 22nd of April people came from the community to help us to sew together the squares that everybody in the community had made.

Everybody that came to the school to sew together the squares got paired up with one of the pupils. Once everybody was paired up with an adult all the pupils chose twelve squares to make into a blanket. There were lots of different colours and textures such as knitted squares and crocheted squares.

Our adult helper helped us to sew together the squares. We did a blanket that was three squares by four squares. At the end of the day me and my partner had almost finished our blanket we only needed to sew two more sides together and sew in all the tails.

The blankets were for the refugees to use as comfort blankets. We are also going to send some money to the refugees for food, clothes, shelter and water.”

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Lucy (P6) reports:

“Blankets for Babies is something where we all knit squares and make it into a blanket for the refugees. Because it would be quite hard to make them into really big blankets we decided to just make them into comfort blankets.

Lots of people came and we all helped sew the squares together. Everyone worked with a different person from the community. I worked with Mrs Legge. We crocheted the squares together but have not finished it yet.

Everyone had lots of fun and we will carry on doing it in class.

Thank you to everyone that helped us make the blankets!”


Day of Song


On Thursday 21st April, Abernyte Primary went to Day of Song. We had been learning the songs for it. When we got there we got our seats and they started the songs. In the morning we learnt the songs as a group and we also did a fun warm-up. We sang all the songs and we all enjoyed it. After we had a break we sang more songs. Then one of the people on the stage said about they need two people from each school after lunch.


We went to the North Inch to have our lunch. When we were having our lunch we saw Elise. It was really weird seeing her because I had not seen her in ages. Once we had finished our lunch we went back to the concert. We sat down then Molly and I went to the Norie Miller suite. We got told we had to show our sign when our amount of money was said. Once it was finished we went back to our seats and we sang all the songs once more.

Reported by Cara