P1-3 do Kandinsky at Errol

On Thursday 12 November, P1-3 went to Errol Primary to join pupils there for a day of “Fun with Sound, Colour, Movement and Shape”.

Working with line, colour, shape and pattern, pupils worked collaboratively to create a giant painting based on the work of famous Russian artist Wassily Kandinsky.  While their masterpiece dried, pupils worked together to create movement and music based on the artwork they had created.

Mrs Brown’s Low Key Send Off

On Thursday 6 Novemebr, after 13 years of dedicated service, our very own Mrs Brown (Primary School Support Assistant extraordinaire) left us.  Staff (past and present) enjoyed a “Last Supper” together before pupils and Parent Council presented gifts and sang at a special assembly.  A great asset, Mrs Brown will be missed and we wish her all the best!