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Titanic Junk Modelling

We have been learning to “upcycle” materials that would have otherwise been thrown out, to create 3D models of the Titanic (or it’s life boats).  We learned lots about design and overcoming problems through trail and error or by responding to feedback.

Here are our finished models:

dsc00265 dsc00266 dsc00267 dsc00269 dsc00270 dsc00271 dsc00272

Blooming Artists

Molly Blooming Artists

Blooming Artists is being held from Friday 15 May until Sunday 14 June at Perth Museum and Art Gallery.

Molly (P6) reports:

“Blooming artists is held every year during the Perth Festival of the Arts and is when pupils from all over Perthshire send in pictures that they have made or drawn. 

Blooming Artists gives an opportunity to kids and makes their pictures seen in Perth and Kinross.  Most of the pictures sent in will be up on display. 

When I went I saw all the pictures and some were AMAZING! Some kids may be inspired and grow up to have a career as an artist.

Every year one picture will be chosen and made in to the poster to advertise the event.  This year it was my picture that was chosen!”

P1-3 do Kandinsky at Errol

On Thursday 12 November, P1-3 went to Errol Primary to join pupils there for a day of “Fun with Sound, Colour, Movement and Shape”.

Working with line, colour, shape and pattern, pupils worked collaboratively to create a giant painting based on the work of famous Russian artist Wassily Kandinsky.  While their masterpiece dried, pupils worked together to create movement and music based on the artwork they had created.

Blooming Artists

Congratulations to Ellen, Becca and Elise for getting their artwork accepted to be displayed at the annual Blooming Artists exhibition at the Perth Museum and Art Gallery in George Street!

The work of young people from schools throughout Perth and Kinross was displayed at the annual ‘Blooming Artists’ exhibition, which was held at the Perth Museum and Art Gallery in George Street, Perth, between Friday 16th and Sunday 25th May 2014.

Visiting specialist teachers of art and design set up the exhibition in preparation for the official opening by local artist Frances Law, on the evening of Thursday 15th May.  Frances, who has devoted the past 30 years to investigating the balance between nature and culture through her works, worked with the Council’s expressive arts service during the current school session.

Works on display came from nursery, primary and secondary schools and featured many aspects of art and design, from painting and drawing to sculpture and other 3D work.

Blooming Artists Exhibition

Congratulations to Holly, Lewis, Cara, Molly and Lucy, whose artwork was chosen to be shown at this years “Blooming Artists” exhibition at Perth Museum and Art Gallery.

The annual exhibition features artwork from pupils from nursery, special, primary and secondary schools and is always worth visiting.  This year the free exhibition will run from Friday 17th to Sunday 26th May 2013.

Only the work of a few pupils is submitted each year, and not all submissions are accepted for the exhibition, so being put on display shows that the work done in Art lessons in class by these pupils has been of a very high standard this year.