On Monday 14th March, pupils from Abernyte Primary began their 3 day Ski Trip.

Lucy (P2) reports:

“On Monday morning I awoke scared.  It was the first time… in my life… that I was going skiing .The slops were big and long and it was scary at first. My instructor was called Cally.  He was very nice. I went on Sunnyside.  It was exciting for me. My skis were great on the snow. At last I got to go on the chair lift. It was one big height…I went on a green slope, blue slope, it was the best ever!”

One thought on “SKI TRIP”

  1. What a lovely picture, we had a great week skiing in Glen Shee the sun was shining, the ski was blue and there was no one else on the slopes. The children all practiced hard and all improved on their skiing abilities. We hope to go again next year

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