Bird Box


Anna (P3) reports:

“In the school’s bird box the mum has been making a nest. When the nest was finished the mum got cosy and the dad came in to feed the mum. Then a little bit later the mum had eggs. In a week or so the eggs hatched. There were seven eggs but now only two chicks are there.┬áNow is there only going to be one?”

Lucy (P2) reports:

“We have a bird box in our playground and we attached it onto a camera so we can see what is happening inside. We had 7 eggs this year but only six of them hatched, then it was down to four, now it’s two.

The male gave the female food and some for the babies.”

Music Camp


Ellen (P4) reports:

“Lots of people have been going to music camp. It is a camp for kids that play an instrument. There are lots of different groups, like elementary string orchestra and junior string orchestra. They went together and made a big orchestra. There are lots of groups that go together. Bea, Lucy6 and I went together; Cara, Molly and Layla went together. Lucy6 and Bea play the violin and I play the cello. Layla plays the c claret and Molly plays the b flat claret and Cara plays the oboe. Miss Young teaches Molly, Layla and Cara. Mr Young is the head of the music camp. Mr Young also teaches Bea and Lucy6.”