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On Monday 14th March, pupils from Abernyte Primary began their 3 day Ski Trip.

Lucy (P2) reports:

“On Monday morning I awoke scared.  It was the first time… in my life… that I was going skiing .The slops were big and long and it was scary at first. My instructor was called Cally.  He was very nice. I went on Sunnyside.  It was exciting for me. My skis were great on the snow. At last I got to go on the chair lift. It was one big height…I went on a green slope, blue slope, it was the best ever!”

Gymnastics Competition


Molly reports:

“Abernyte P.S went to the schools gymnastics competition on the 9th of February 2016. At the gymnastics competition there were two teams. One of the teams did harder moves than the other team. When we got there we had to wait for the competition that was in the morning to finish.

While that was going on the more advanced team were warming up and practicing our routines. Once the competition that was going on had finished we were called up to preform our floor routine. We had to do our vault next, but we hadn’t ever done vault before so we got a little practice while everyone else was doing their floor routines. We did really well at our vault but sometimes we fell. When we were finished our vault the top three teams were announced. Unfortunately we didn’t get in the top three but we did come fifth.

While we were doing our vault the other group was warming up. Doing their routines and stretching. Then they were called up to do there floor routines and vault.”


Ellen reports:

“At Bell Sport Centre we had a gymnastics competition. We all got a routine then we practised it every week. A gymnastics coach came. She helped us. We had 2 teams: one team was in level 1 and the other team was in level 2. Layla, Bea, Anna and Lucy 2 where in level 1 and Cara, Molly, Lucy 6 and Ellen where in level 2. The level 2 team came 5th but we don’t know what place the level 1s came.  There were too many levels 1s.

The Legacy Games

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On Wednesday 20th May, Primary 5 and 6 travelled to Errol to take part in the Legacy Games, with P7 helping as Event Co-ordinators.

Lucy (P5) reports:

“The Legacy Games were held on 20th of May 2015 in Errol Primary School. Invergowrie, Inchture, Errol, Longforgan and Abernyte P5s Joshua, Cara and Molly were all there. First they did the obstacle course, next the triple jump, and then they went on to standing long jump. After that they all went out for a break and a little snack. Next they did running, then javelin and the shot-put. They enjoyed the big fun run where Cara came 2nd, Lucy 3rd, Layla 4th and Molly was 6th. I think it was a wonderful day, but why is there never enough time for a teachers’ race?”

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Junior Ryder Cup

On Monday 22nd September, P5-7 went to Blairgowrie to the Junior Ryder Cup.

Joshua (P7) says,  “At the Ryder Cup there were loads of junior golfers. We were a little late but we got to see some on them. Our class Abernyte Primary got signatures from golfers – one from America, two from Scotland. We got to go and do some golf on the driving range. There were loads of activities. We got to use the Driver and the Put. After all of that we got flags and it was a really fun day”. 

Orienteering Finals

On Wednesday 21st May, a team of P5-7 pupils competed in the finals of the Perth and Kinross School Orienteering Championship, having won 2nd and 9th place in the previous qualifier.

One hundred and five teams, made up of 315 pupils, competed for first place, mapping their way across the grounds of Scone Palace.

Cross Country Success!

On Tuesday 18th February, after weeks of training at school to gradually build up stamina, the Primary 5-7 pupils entered the inter-school Cross Country Championships at Perth Racecourse.  Two teams from Abernyte competed in the rural race which involved approximately 130 runners running a 1 mile course.

All of the pupils who took part did really well, with everyone from Abernyte completing the course.  Many congratulations to Abernyte team A who finished in 3rd place overall and a BIG well done to Carlo who finished FIRST out of all the boys in the Rurals!

Cricket at Rossie Priory


On Wednesday 29th May, P4-7 from Abernyte Primary went to Rossie Priory Cricket Ground to play in the cricket tournament against other schools from the Carse area.

Richard Rennie, the Dundee Community Cricket Coach who lead the day, said afterwards:

“The competition was well participated in, the games were close and I was impressed with the adaptability and skills shown throughout the day.  The children’s behaviour during the day was exceptional.  A credit to each one of their schools.”

Cross-Country Running

On Tuesday the 19th of February, pupils from P5-7 took part in the inter-school Cross Country race at Perth Racecourse.

Weeks of training prior to the event paid off, with all 8 pupils completing the 1 mile course and doing themselves proud.  Special mention must go to Carlo who finished 10th and Oscar who finished 18th out of 115 runners!  Well done everyone!