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Bea (P4) reports:

“We have been having bikeabiliaty at school from 2pm till 3pm. The first 2 weeks we were all in the same group but for the rest of the weeks we are in different groups. In the playground there is me, Lucy M, Anna and Layla and the group on the road has 4 people in it too. They are Lucy L, Cara, Molly and Ellen. We have been dong it for 4 weeks.

The little group have been working with Mrs Legge.”

After-School Club

Elise (P5) reports:

“On Tuesdays this term, Mrs Lacoux and Mr Meldrum are running an afterschool club. Every week there will be a new activity. For the first week, it was cycle club and the Active Schools Co-ordinator, Christine Cook loaned us a ramp, a rumble strip and a sea-saw. I made up a course to do around the back of the school then we played on the ramp. It was great fun. We wanted to play some games so we played the box game. The box game is when everyone cycles on their bikes in a box shape and the box will get smaller and if you put your foot down you are out.”

Safe TaySiders


Joshua (P7) reports:

“The Safe Taysiders event took place on Tuesday the 19th May at Scone and the whole point of it was to learn to be safe around people and what to do in bad situations. P7s from all the schools in the Carse of Gowrie went to this event to learn to be safe and also to hope to win two Halfords bikes! All the stations were about false items, electricity, water area and CPR. At each station you would have a rating out of 10 of how safe you were and how much you knew about the subject. All the phones were linked to a station and when you called 999 the person there at the station would act like the police, ambulance and firemen. All the stations are really helpful for kids to learn more about our world and what can happen and how to be safer around our environment. It also gave P7s a chance to meet P7s from other schools which helps us in our transition to Perth High School.”