Woodlands, Words & Wonders

On Wednesday 20th June, the pupils from Abernyte spent the day in the woods, taking part in outdoor learning with storytellers and countryside rangers.

Met by “Henny”, pupils walked with her to Rosie Priory, learning about the uses of various local plants and trees on the way.  Inside the tipi at the site, “Henny” told the children traditional stories, then introduced “David Douglas” (a 19th Century plant collector from Scone) and his Indian guide “Running Fox”.

“David Douglas” told tales of his plant collecting days in the wilds of North America and showed the children some of the species he had brought back.  “Running Fox” spoke of his adventures with David Douglas, showed the children how to start a fire with sticks and talked about the 4 essential elements of wilderness survival (water, food, warmth & shelter).

Pupils where then given an opportunity to collect samples of local plant life and learn more about their practical and medicinal uses, before being given the 3 basic ingredients of storytelling (character, location & narrative – beginning, middle & end) and being tasked to create their own stories in groups.

Singing For The Olympic Torch

On the 12th of June 2012 I went to sing a song for the Olympic torch at the South Inch in Perth.

When I got to Perth I was really early so I went for a walk in town. When we were walking there was a man selling British flags for people to wave when the Olympic torch came though. When it was time for me to go to get ready for singing I went into a church (it’s on King Street in Perth at the South Inch) to warm up with lots of little songs and had a quick run though the song. 

Finally it was time for us to sing our song we had been practising. When we were singing it was a bit annoying because all the big Coca Cola and Samsung vans were coming though with lots of music so nobody could hear us. At last a girl came with the Olympic torch and it was really tall.  On it was one of the Olympic symbols. It was also bright gold. At the end we had to sing again but there weren’t a lot of people watching us.


Olympic Torch At Balbeggie

Today we went to Balbeggie to see the Olympic torch. We saw a funny man and lady. The man was on unicycle and he did a hand stand in the middle of the road. The lady had springs on her shoes and bounced in front of a car. Afterwards we saw the Olympic torch. It was gold with yellow and gold flames. We cheered and we waved our flags around .I had Jofli bear, Jofli had two flags so I had to carry three flags in total and also a twirler. I felt excited because I had never seen an Olympic torch before.



One sunny day, Abernyte Primary School went to Balbeggie at 11:30 to see the Olympic Torch. When we got there we had our pack lunch beside the village hall and it was beautiful. Then we went to see the  torch parade which included police,buses(with dancing people on the roof),many other vehicles and of course the torch.

Before the torch we saw someone on a unicycle that gave us ribbons and we had to be as loud as we could. As the torch went by ……….I was so excited I nearly burst like a big balloon. An 84 year old lady  was running and walking with the torch and it was so fun.



We had to wait for the Olympic torch to come. Some  Olympic  mascots  were  in  cars  and  were  waving  at  us.  Balbeggie School was across the road from the display. We were given flags to wave. We got to   keep them. It was really exciting with lots of people and very noisy with everyone cheering. Some times it was raining but   no one cared. I will remember this for a long time.


The Olympic Torch Experience

On Tuesday our school went to see the Olympic torch.

We got there then we had to walk to Balbeggie school.

 We had to wait half an hour for it to come but then people came on a unicycle and another person came on pogo sticks.

After a while some bikes came and we shaked our flags from the school. It was brilliant and it was noisy. In that half an hour we got ribbons from the people – they were all the same colours. The last stop where the torch stops is Dundee. In some cars there were mascots. At last the torch came but loads of cars were in front of it. We waved at the mascots cars and everybody was really exited. It rained sometimes but nobody noticed. I had a fantastic day. I should remember this for a long time.     



In June, Abernyte School went to see the Olympic flame in Balbeggie. We had brought flags to cheer every one involved in the Olympic flame along. When I got to school we all did lots of work because we were leaving at 11:30am and I get to school at 9 o’clock. It was very nice to see other schools. Before the flame came there was 20 minutes to wait.  There were cars and people and jesters. When the flame came through, everybody waved their flags. I think we made the most sound even though we only have 14 people in our school. Everyone enjoyed it because we got to shout as loud as we could! All the traffic got held up. One of the people brought a teddy of the Olympic mascot and held it out of a car window.



On Tuesday 12th of June the whole school went to see the Olympic torch. When we got there we had to wait about half an hour. Then people came on a unicycle and jumpy shoes and then gave us ribbons to shake about and we needed to make lots of noise. There were lots of buses and cars with mascots on them and in them. They looked cool.

Then the man tried to balance a  unicycle on his chin and he did not fail. And the girl almost fell. Lots of cars and buses went past with little mascots just were the window was.  Then we needed to shout for how long the man could do a hand stand he could do it for long. A car almost hit the back of the lady she blew her whistle so loud it almost burst my ear drum – it really hurt!


Olympic Torch Relay

The torch went through Balbeggie and we went to see it.

Some people in school may not see the torch in Scotland again so most people tried to have a camera with them and took photos.

Once we got there we had our lunch and while we were having our lunch we waved our flags at people passing by. The person to get the most people to wave back at them won.

Eventually some entertainers came to where we were. One of them had a unicycle and the other had some bouncy shoes. They said that if they gave us some ribbons then we had to cheer as loud as we could when the torch came to where we were. After that some cars came round and one of them was a Coca Cola one and I saw someone handing out bottles of coke. Next were some Olympic cars, then an RBS car. Coco Cola and RBS are sponsors of the Olympic torch relay. After that lots of police cars came and eventually the torch came. It was golden with lots of holes in it. We all waved our ribbons and shouted our heads off. Once they had passed some other policemen came past. Then we went back in Jim’s bus. On the way back we showed everyone our pictures.

A count down to the olympics can be found here.



When the Olympic Torch was about to come there were two funny entertainers. One was on very bouncy shoes and the other was on a unicycle (he was very good, so was the bouncy shoe person). They handed out ribbons is you cheered loudly. The person on the unicycle also did handstands. We where lucky that the weather was not as bad as in England because they had floods, we only had drizzle.

When the torch came to Balbeggie a 30 year old man walked proudly through the first half of the village. Then the man held the flame out to the lady who was 82 years young. The lady held her unlit torch and the man carefully passed on the flame for the lady to walk the second half through the village. Behind the woman there was a bus to collect her afterwards. There were lots and lots and lots of trucks, buses, cars and a few hundred people cheering very loudly.

The torch looks as if it is made out of gold, it is long, thin with holes and looks like an ice cream cone. I think that it was marvellous to see the people walking with the Olympic torch and imagine the amazing journey across land and water.



Abernyte Primary School went to see the Olympic torch in Balbeggie.

The Olympic torch came down from Aberdeen and was coming through Balbeggie. It was amazing. I thought the flame was marvellous. I could see the heat waves and the torch was golden. We were waving our flags at the passing drivers and then we saw the entertainment. There was a girl on bouncy shoes giving out flags and a man on a unicycle giving out flags too. I was recorded by the Coca Cola company and the other live camera twice. The atmosphere was really cheery and excited; we were all shouting. I was filming the passing cars, vans and lorries that were advertising things.

Rachael and Oscar had the Abernyte logo on two meter sticks and we all had a British flag and a streamer. I loved the way that they keep the same flame going up from London and all the way to the top of Britain and back. I guess there were  about 200 cars going past the road when the torch was about to come. The traffic at the end was really long. I really want to see the torch again.

I really enjoyed watching the torch.


Show-In-A-Day: “Joseph”

On Wednesday 30th of May, the pupils from Abernyte Primary travelled to Perth Concert Hall to take part in the annual Show-In-A-Day event.  Following on from last year’s successful performance of “Oliver”, schools were invited to take part in another musical, this year “Jospeh and his Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat”.

Pupils dressed the part, wearing costumes based on the characters from “Joseph”, including Egyptian royalty or Canaanite shepherds.  Even staff members got in on the act, with Mr Billen and Mrs MacKinnon looking very regal in their outfits for the show.  Mr Billen was even called up on stage during “Poor, Poor Pharaoh”!

After a day of song rehearsals (complete with actions!), a short performance was put on, which featured the songs:

“Jacob and Sons”
“Joseph’s Coat”
“One More Angel In Heaven”
“Close Every Door”
“Go, Go, Go Joseph”
“Poor, Poor Pharaoh”
“Benjamin Calypso”
“Any Dream Will Do”
and the backing singer parts to “Song of the King”