Take Your Child To Work Day

Cara (P6) reports:

“At take your child to work day, your child gets to go to your work and see what it is like. When I went to my Mum’s work I was able to be in a work environment. It sounded quiet and everyone was kind to each other. It’s quite amazing how you imagine the place but when you get there it is different from what you imagined. When I was there, I could feel pressure in the atmosphere from the employees. It’s a great experience at how a job works when you go there. Children should go when they are old enough. Children can go when they are in P6 to S3.”

Early Learning and Childcare Parental Consultation

The summary of results of the Early Learning and Childcare Parental Consultation that took place 28 November – 19 December 2014 is now available. Please see the link and the attachment.

The aim of this consultation was to understand families’ different needs and preferences for Early Learning and Childcare, to help shape the way that this is delivered across Perth and Kinross Council.


Strengthening Families

Strengthening Families


What’s it all about?

The Strengthening Families Programme is a 7 week programme that helps families with young people aged 10 years old to prepare for their teenage years.

Becoming a teenager can be a challenging time for young people and parents alike.

Strengthening Families is proven to support both parents and young people through this time of change.


What happens?

Each session is held in the evening and lasts for 2½ hours.

During the sessions you learn by watching DVDs, taking part in activities and discussions. In the first hour parents and young people meet in their own groups to take part in activities with group facilitators. In the second hour everyone comes together again to be involved in family activity. An evening meal is provided for all the family and crèche and transport is also available.

What are the benefits?

Parents and carers

With each session your confidence will grow as you…

  • Learn about different ways to support your young person; and
  • Learn how to set boundaries as they get older.

Most of all, Strengthening Families helps your whole family to experience your young person’s teenage years more positively.

Young people

With each session your confidence will grow as you..

  • Develop skills for handling peer pressure, which helps to avoid problems such as drugs and alcohol;
  • Develop skills in learning how to better appreciate the feelings of others; and
  • Learn how to set your own goals for the future, helping you to achieve greater success when you move onto secondary school.

Your whole family

By the end of the 7 week programme you will have a much better understanding of each other’s strengths and qualities, helping you to become much stronger as a family and better able to support each another.


How can I access this programme?

The programme will be running in:

  • Fairfield Community Centre, Royal School of Dunkeld from Monday April 27th
  • Glenearn Campus, and Strathearn Campus from Tuesday April 28th
  • Community Connect Rattray from Wednesday 29 April
  • Loch Leven Campus from Thursday 30th April

If you would like to join in the programme just complete an application form which you can get from school or contact:

Evidence2 Success 01738 477836, e mail evidence2success@pkc.gov.uk or visit the website www.pkc.gov.uk/strengtheningfamilies