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Junior Carsonians

P1000083Cara writes:

“The Junior Carsonians met up at Longforgan Primary School. All the groups showed each other the research on Patrick Matthew’s family tree. Everyone was amazed at ours because we had built a 3D family tree. We all learnt a lot about Patrick Matthew because everyone contributed.

The Junior Carsonians went on a trip to the Archive in the AK Bell Library. We went to the archive to learn about Patrick Matthew. When we got there we got split into 2 groups. The group which I was in went into the archive room and got lots of documents to look at. We saw the Abernyte School book – it was really exciting. The groups switched and I got to go in to see all the old documents.”

Dynamic Earth Trip

On Tuesday 17th June, pupils from Abernyte visited Dynamic Earth in Edinburgh.  The Junior Carsonians (and next years future JC’s) took part in an awards ceremony and workshops, while the rest of the pupils toured Dynamic Earth, took part in a Dinosaur Discovery workshop and visited the ShowDome.

Highlights of the day included the Time Travel lift (with vibrating floor!), 4D biodomes cinema experience (with foamy snow!), the 360 degree “Back to the Moon” film in the ShowDome, handling real and replica dinosaur fossils (including coprolite – fossilised dino poo!) and interacting with the glacier.

Teen Ranch Overnight Trip

On Tuesday 10th and Wednesday 11th June, P4-7 pupils went to Teen Ranch for two days (and a night!) of outdoor activities and sports. 

Pupils had a fantastic time taking part in horse riding, canoeing, waterslide, archery, rifle range, BMX bikes and trampoline! 

It may have POURED with rain at one point, but pupils were already wet at the time (they were in canoes and splashing each other!) and didn’t care one iota.  Just one of MANY memories that will be remembered for years to come… 

Cinderella Panto

On Wednesday 11th of December, pupils went to watch the pantomime Cinderella at Perth Theatre, the last show that the theatre will be putting on before it closes for two years for major renovation work.

Everyone enjoyed the on-stage antics before pupils were given an extra treat after the show when they got to meet Buttons and Cinderella herself!

National Archives Trip


On Wednesday 4th of December, Primary 4-7 visited the Scottish Parliament and National Archives to learn more about their class topic The Union of the Crowns and Parliaments.

At the National Archives pupils learned about the Union of the Parliaments in 1707; the kings and queens of Scotland; the opening of the Scottish Parliament; politicians of the day; the official acts of parliament; how the Scottish and English flag were combined to create the British flag and the Symbolism used in heraldry and on coins.

Edinburgh Museum Trip

On Wednesday 4th of December, Primary 1 and 2 visited the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh to learn more about the Romans (which they have been learning about in class this term).  Pupils saw real Roman armour and weapons;  jugs and vases made from clay and silver; a scary looking war trumpet shaped like a boar’s head; gold jewellery; stone statues including a lifesize lioness grave marker and jewellery used to decorate a horse (pictured here)!

As well as all the Roman artefacts, pupils saw some real Andy Goldsworthy artwork (as used to inspire their own artwork created in Barry’s Wood previously) and were fascinated by the lifesize animals on display.  The elephant was a big hit but by far the most popular attraction was riding in the lift!

Anna writes: “We went to Edinburgh Museum.  We passed around some silvery armour.  We went in the lift.  We looked at Roman coins in tubs.”

Becca writes: “We went to Edinburgh Museum.  We went in the lift.  When we got out the lift we saw a Roman horse.”

Bea writes: “We went to Edinburgh Museum.  We went on the elevator.  I saw a horse from the Roman times!  Ants were carrying leaves across a stick.”

Ellen writes: “We went to Edinburgh Museum. My favourite was the elevator.  My tummy was feeling funny.  There were dolphins hanging from the roof.  I liked it.”

Glamis Castle Trip

On Monday 17th of June, the pupils from Abernyte Primary visited Glamis Castle for their school trip.

“On Monday we went to Glamis Castle and we got a tour inside the castle.  The guide said there was a ghost in the castle.  At the end of the tour we went to the park and we went on the flying fox and it went so slow.”


“On Monday we went to Glamis Castle.  We looked in the castle and got a tour.  The lady that gave the tour lied about going in a wardrobe at night and going to the land of Narnia.  We went in to the walled garden.  There was a fountain and lots of plants.  There were lovely flowers and veg.  In the castle there were ghosts.  One of them tripped me up.”


“Joseph” at Perth Theatre

On Wednesday 12th September, the pupils of Abernyte Primary went on a school trip to see “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” at Perth Theatre.  As pupils had already learned and performed several of the songs at Show-In-A-Day in May, everyone knew all the words, but were excited to hear the songs in a professional show.

Primary 1 pupils were especially excited as this was their first every school trip!  A great time was had by all and Joseph’s coat was particularly spectacular!