Woodlands, Words & Wonders

On Wednesday 20th June, the pupils from Abernyte spent the day in the woods, taking part in outdoor learning with storytellers and countryside rangers.

Met by “Henny”, pupils walked with her to Rosie Priory, learning about the uses of various local plants and trees on the way.  Inside the tipi at the site, “Henny” told the children traditional stories, then introduced “David Douglas” (a 19th Century plant collector from Scone) and his Indian guide “Running Fox”.

“David Douglas” told tales of his plant collecting days in the wilds of North America and showed the children some of the species he had brought back.  “Running Fox” spoke of his adventures with David Douglas, showed the children how to start a fire with sticks and talked about the 4 essential elements of wilderness survival (water, food, warmth & shelter).

Pupils where then given an opportunity to collect samples of local plant life and learn more about their practical and medicinal uses, before being given the 3 basic ingredients of storytelling (character, location & narrative – beginning, middle & end) and being tasked to create their own stories in groups.

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