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Trip to Barry’s Wood

On Friday 13th September, Primary 4-7 visited Barry’s Wood to learn more about the local environment and conservation issues. 

Barry Caudwell spoke to the children about native and alien trees and plants before pupils foraged for material to use in their own Andy Goldsworthy inspired transient artwork.  Journey and Syllable Poems were also composed by pupils.

Bluetit Tagging

On Wednesday 12th June, the birds that we have been keeping a close eye on in school, took one more step along the road in their life journey.  Local ornithologists Barry Caudwell, and his wife Cathy, came to Abernyte Primary to ring the baby Bluetits that are currently living in our nesting box.

Pupils have been watching the nesting box that resides in our school playground for weeks, via a TV camera installed inside it.  During that time, they have watched the mother Bluetit build and prepare her nest and lay 6 eggs.  They have witnessed 5 of the eggs hatching and have watched as the mother and father birds cared for their young over time.

Barry Cauldwell is liscenced to ring birds, so our latest additions to the school will be able to be tracked and logged anywhere in the world once they fly the nest.

Woodlands, Words & Wonders

On Wednesday 20th June, the pupils from Abernyte spent the day in the woods, taking part in outdoor learning with storytellers and countryside rangers.

Met by “Henny”, pupils walked with her to Rosie Priory, learning about the uses of various local plants and trees on the way.  Inside the tipi at the site, “Henny” told the children traditional stories, then introduced “David Douglas” (a 19th Century plant collector from Scone) and his Indian guide “Running Fox”.

“David Douglas” told tales of his plant collecting days in the wilds of North America and showed the children some of the species he had brought back.  “Running Fox” spoke of his adventures with David Douglas, showed the children how to start a fire with sticks and talked about the 4 essential elements of wilderness survival (water, food, warmth & shelter).

Pupils where then given an opportunity to collect samples of local plant life and learn more about their practical and medicinal uses, before being given the 3 basic ingredients of storytelling (character, location & narrative – beginning, middle & end) and being tasked to create their own stories in groups.

That elusive bag of sweets…


Kindrogan was brilliant, I liked the leap of faith. In the leap of faith we had to climb up a giant pole and at the top there was a bag filled with sweets. We had to smack the bag to get the sweets down. Carlo was the first to try it. He hit the bag but very lightly. Oscar hit it really hard but it didn’t break. No one else hit the bag.


Kindrogan Low Ropes


On the 10th of May we went to Kindrogan and did something called the low-ropes. Holly, Rachael and Lucy were in a team doing the low-ropes. We worked together as a team and we had good fun. We took it in turns to do it and a man called Duncan gave us a challange to not fall once. Lucy did really good on it and so did Elise. Carlo was good and James was good and funny when he always fell off it. It was hard because it had been raining so it was slippy for people. Daniel had said it was good fun and he would like to do it again. It was easy for Megan because she had really good gloves.


Kindrogan Field Centre

At The Top of Kindrogan Hill
On Thursday the 10thof May we went to Kindrogan Field Centre. We went over the Bridge of Cally, through Kirkmichael and turned off at Enochdu before arriving at Kindrogan. When we got there Duncan told us what rooms we where in. I was with Lewis, Daniel was with James and Archie and Carlo were with Joshua. We got changed and went up Kindrogan Hill. We found a grave yard and built shelters. When we got down we had our packed lunch and did the low ropes course.  After that we had dinner and played pool and table football until bedtime.
Mr.Billen woke us up at 6:50 in the morning. I got up and spent a bit trying to get Lewis out of bed. We watched TV for a bit before having breakfast. We had cereal and then went to the shop. I bought a little dog called Moriarty. We changed into waterproofs and did the high ropes course. After that we did a quick litter pick and went back on Jim’s bus.