Singing For The Olympic Torch

On the 12th of June 2012 I went to sing a song for the Olympic torch at the South Inch in Perth.

When I got to Perth I was really early so I went for a walk in town. When we were walking there was a man selling British flags for people to wave when the Olympic torch came though. When it was time for me to go to get ready for singing I went into a church (it’s on King Street in Perth at the South Inch) to warm up with lots of little songs and had a quick run though the song. 

Finally it was time for us to sing our song we had been practising. When we were singing it was a bit annoying because all the big Coca Cola and Samsung vans were coming though with lots of music so nobody could hear us. At last a girl came with the Olympic torch and it was really tall.  On it was one of the Olympic symbols. It was also bright gold. At the end we had to sing again but there weren’t a lot of people watching us.


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