WoBoD: The World Book Day Award

Here’s is a chance to help the school win one of five prizes (up to £10,000)

World Book Day is in March and to celebrate the work schools do promoting reading for pleasure, this fantastic prize is on offer. James Patterson, author of the Middle School and Maximum Ride series of books has donated £50,000 to this new award.

Pupils, staff and parents / carers are invited to help with the school entry by providing a response to the statement: Why we can’t live without books. We are asking for responses of at least 3 – 4 sentences. Entrants could also be more creative and do a podcast; write a 200 – 500 word short essay; create a poster; write a poem or play, etc. Written entries should be illustrated and colourful if possible.

Entries will be used to produce a display in the library and / or used to create a presentation which will be sent off as our school’s individual entry (depending on style of entries). Further details can be found online at WoBoD. Please note, don’t put your entry in through the form there. Please hand in or send entries (paper or electronic) to Mrs Sinclair, librarian.

Unfortunately, the time scale of this is tight. Official closing date is 30th January but please get entries in by Wednesday 28th January.

Further details from this poster: WoBoDWoboD poster



Busy term – Quick Update

Careers & S2 Choices

January seems such a long time ago, let alone the February half-term break. Since then, the S2 Careers Information Literacy course has been up-dated based on evaluations from last session. Careers LiveBinders have been set up and can be found in the LibLinks tab (scroll down to PSE).

A major overhaul of the Careers Section has also taken place, with new leaflets being sourced from hundreds of organisations. This meant setting up mailing lists via searching organisation websites (based on the old leaflets) for contact details. Many have provided up-to-date leaflets which have been arriving in the post on a daily basis. These are classified, dated and filed. Some of the filing is being done by pupil librarians and this help is very much appreciated.


S2 pupils are now learning about the careers section and have started on the 5 week programme of information literacy skills, careers research and building up their own profiles. This course should help pupils to make more informed choices about their S2 into S3 options.

Youth Achievement Award

Pupil Librarians and some activities pupils are continuing to work towards their Bronze YAA. We are currently reviewing progress and checking logbooks are up-to-date.

World Book Day

Thursday 6th March sees the annual Reading event in the library at lunchtime to celebrate World Book Day. This will be an informal event with snacks, tea, coffee on offer as we sit and discuss books or read extracts or just generally have a natter. There is also a (national) bookmark competition running alongside this.

Stromness Books & Prints are kindly allowing us to have some books for our Peedie Bookfair and they will be on sale Thursday and Friday this week.


Free £1 book tokens will be distributed to pupils who want them. They can be used in part exchange for full priced books or swapped for one of the special World Book Day £1 books.


World Book Day / Peedie Book Fair / C2C Book Club

It is World Book Day time of year again and there are a few things happening in the library this year.

Readings from favourite books will take place on Thursday 7th March at lunchtime. Snacks will be available.

Pupils will be offered free £1 book tokens to use at local bookshops, the ‘Peedie Book Fair’ or in the C2C Book club catalogue (see below)

There is a national  Bookmark Competition which pupils can enter.

There is a local writing competition Young Orkney Writers, led by the Orkney Library (see previous posts)

There will be a ‘Peedie Book Fair‘ kindly supported by Stromness Books & Prints who will kindly be supplying a small amount of books for sale. The £1 book tokens can be used at this.

The C2C Book club leaflet is being currently offered to pupils. They can purchase books through the leaflet, via the school library, or online at


Further details for all these can be obtained directly from the Librarian.

Have you got your Book Club catalogue? Great books from only £1.99 and free books for our school.

Nearly February

It is hard to believe that were are already at the end of January. S4 Prelims have been and gone and S5 Prelims are due to start soon. February inservice and half term is next week – seems awfully soon! Weather has been mixed with snow in a small part of the West Mainland affecting one bus a week or so ago and storm force winds causing all school transport to be cancelled today. The school is quiet, yet the library is ‘busy’ in the sense of it is booked and the smaller classes are still coming to read, do research or use the computers.

The ’12 Words of Christmas’ competition presentation took place last week and our overall winner was from 2M. Her entry was forwarded to the national competition and was picked as a runner up by the author Anthony McGowan.

School results:

S1 – EW 1T The snowman looks sadly at the sky as streams of light emerge.

S2 – CM 2M The snow was whiter; the tree was brighter, when Santa was real.

S4/5/6 – IT Shimmering star sent startled shaggy shepherds, surprised, seeing sweet smiling sleeping son.

Staff – CM Shopping, cards, presents, decorating, concerts, cooking, parties, dancing, wrapping, cleaning. Knackered.

Two events / activities are currently planned for this term:

Pupils will be given an opportunity to read and judge graphic novels for the Stan Lee Excelsior Award. This award is a national one with pupils from many schools taking part. The graphic novels are now ready for borrowing and will be on display in the library. A Friday lunchtime group (with coffee or hot chocolate available) which is open to all who are interested, takes place from 12:45 – 1:15pm .

World Book Day is on Thursday 7th March. This is still in the planning stages, but it is hoped that there will be a lunchtim reading in the library. Free £1.00 book tokens will be available and can be exchanged for the special £1.00 books or used in part exchange for a full price book at local book shops. Plans also include a bookmark competition which ties in with a national one being run at the same time.

World Book Day – Share a Story

World Book Day on 1st March now seems quite a time away. For only the second year the school and the library celebrated this annual event. This year’s event took the form of a Share-a-story day (idea came from the forum School Librarian’s Network). At the beginning of each period S1 and S2 pupils were read extracts from the short story The Hitchhiker by Anthony Horowitz culminating in the the [mostly] unexpected ending during the last period of the day. There was a buzz about the school with both pupils and staff discussing how the story might end as well as the anticipation of what was going to happen next.

During lunchtime, pupils gathered in the library to share extracts from their favourite books and partake of a few snacks and a cuppa. It was a relaxed informal session enjoyed by those who attended.

World Book Day

World Book Day is an annual celebration of books and reading. It is a national event with schools and libraries from across the UK running events. 2011 is the first your Stromness Academy Library has run an event as well as putting on a display. An informal book reading session was held during lunchtime which around 15 pupils attended to listen to extracts of books being read.

Mrs Sinclair kicked off the session by reading from The White Mountains by John Chrisptopher. This is a book she first read at secondary school and it is one of the first books she remembers borrowing from the school library.

Three pupils also contributed by reading short extracts from books that they particularly enjoyed. They each gave a short overview of what the book was about, then read their chosen extract.

Mrs Sinclair closed the session with a short reading from The Magic Engineer by L.E. Modesitt Jr. which is part of the Recluce saga, a sweeping series of books where Order magic and Chaos magic are set against each other.

The pupils enjoyed the event which was very relaxed.

Very sociable and fun

Very good, Beuy! Brill!

Good just to relax!

Staff also contributed by answering a short survey asking about current reading, favourite book(s) and most memorable children’s book.

Posters were put together and these were displayed in the library as well as individual posters being displayed on classroom doors. THinking about reading generated discussion in the classroom and much interest. To supplement library stock, books were borrowed from the Orkney Library & Archive so that staff selections were available for people to browse / borrow if interested.

What are we currently reading?

World Book Day is on Thursday 3rd March. To celebrate, the library will be putting on a display of covers of books that staff and pupils are reading or are favourite books.

To kick start this, here is what Mrs Sinclar, the librarian, is currently reading:






There will also be an informal event in the library at lunchtime on the 3rd, where people can read out short extracts from books.