12 Words of Christmas

Many 12 word short stories have been submitted for this competition, particularly from S1 and S2.Bone Thief

Here is the short list which will be judged by local author V. M. Whitworth who wrote The Bone Thief, a rather good and enthralling “historical thriller” set in Anglo Saxon times.



Santa coming. Jingle bells ring. Stars twinkling. Children counting down the hours.

Snowball fight after rain. Hit him in the face. Bet that hurt!

Splat! Right in the face. He is angry. I go and hide.

 I tiptoe gently across the frozen ice, snowflakes falling. CRACK! Very cold.

Pecking at worms in the ground. BANG! On the table. Christmas dinner.

The snowman looks sadly at the sky as streams of light emerge.



The snow was whiter; the tree was brighter, when Santa was real.

Black boots touch the snow. Door opens. Lock clicks. Swiflty quickly gone.

I bought my Christmas tree for a fiver on a Thursday night.

Rattle, bang, clunk, thud, pop, SMASH! Should not have shook that present.

Here he comes. Santa has my Dad’s brown eyes… Wait a minute…

The snowball fight has consumed the playground sending the young kids scurrying.



Shimmering star sent startled shaggy shepherds, surprised, seeing sweet smiling sleeping son.

 Breaks into our house each year without keys. Santa Claus, housebreaker extraordinaire!

Smiling faces and having fun, winter’s now here and it’s only begun.

The Star of Bethlehem will guide us all to a happier Christmas. 



The Star, magi followed, Shepherds, Angels heralded, Revealing Love, In manger, born

Sledging… wheeeee. Frost stings my face. Crashing… Arrgh! Snow up my nose.

Christmas at the palace. The Duchess retches, William winces; the world watches.

One horse town; open all hours. Jingle sleigh for sale. Snow down.

 “‘Twas a pair partridge, ye ken, hen? Lordy; milking it for gold!”

Kings follow the star. Shepherds look in delight. A celebration is born.

Reins, clutched in smutty gloves, flick reindeer suddenly heavenwards.  Black anthracite descends.

Shopping, cards, presents, decorating, concerts, cooking, parties, dancing, wrapping, cleaning. Knackered now.

Last Christmas I gave you my heart. Then I dropped down dead.

Spooky Happenings

The October break has been and gone and thoughts are turning to Christmas which is closer than one would like to believe. Let’s turn the clock back, then, two weeks. The Reading Zone of the library is quiet and the cobwebs appear to have sprouted from the shelves and ceilings.


Monday 5th November saw our annual Spooky Happenings storytelling event take place in the library at lunchtime. The small team of pupil librarians helped set up and tidy away the snacks and were on hand to help supervise the event.

This year we welcomed a local storyteller, Fran Flett Hollinrake, to come and share some of her stories amassed during her time spent doing the ghost stories tours in Edinburgh Old Town and ones learnt during her work here in Orkney as a tour guide and cathedral custodian. Over the course of the lunch she had up to 20 pupils and staff enthralled by her tales and even, at one point had most jumping some distance, in some cases, out of their seats at the end of one spooky story.

This event came close on the tail of the Orkney Storytelling Festival so it was fitting to have a local storyteller in the school so that pupils could get a flavour of this type of event.

Entertaining and just a little bit frightful. MM S5

Those stories were awesome. AL S2

Excellent, really good stories. RM S5

She scared me in the first story. AC S4