Stan Lee Excelsior Award for Graphic Novels & Manga

It is that time of year again when eight graphic novels and manga, shortlisted for the Stan Lee Excelsior Award have recently arrived in school, been hastily processed and are now on display.


Also on display are a few non-fiction books about graphic novels, manga and illustration so if you want to learn more about the genre you can borrow these too.


This award is judged by young people 11-16 years of age who will read and rate each book in four areas: Story; Artwork; Characters; Dialogue. They may also make comments about the book as well. The rating forms are handed in then sent to the award founder and organiser, Paul Register, School Librarian at Ecclesfield School in Sheffield. These are then used to narrow the field down to 1st, 2nd and 3rd.


Last session, a few pupils took part in the award, but it is hoped more might take part this year as there appears to be a number of Graphic Novel readers in the (not so new) S1. Also, we are tying it in with the S1 and 2 Reading Record allowing pupils reading the shortlist to substitute up to two amended (silver) graphic novel task sheets for the usual required sheets. The pupils would also need to fill in the briefer official ratings form and hand in. There will also be a reward card, which on completion of all eight shortlisted books, will be entered into a prize draw.

Instructions for taking part in the SLEA

  1. Borrow one of the eight shortlisted books – get it stamped out by the Librarian.???????????????????????????????
  2. Use the SLEA task sheet provided to help you evaluate, rate and comment on each book. If you are in S1 or 2, you can use up to two of these sheets towards your Bronze or Silver Reading Record instead of any of the other task sheets.
  3.  Fill in an official SLEA Rating Form for each of the books you read and hand in to the Librarian.
  4. If you have a reward card get it stamped and initialled by the librarian when you hand in the rating form.

Reward Card

There are 8 Graphic Novels and Manga on the SLEA shortlist. If you read, evaluate and rate ALL eight of Reward card imagethe books you will receive a small prize. All fully completed cards will be entered into a prize draw for a £10 gift token. Ask Mrs Sinclair for the Reward Card.

Manga & Graphic Novels

A new club looking at Manga and Graphic Novels has been set up in the library by the Librarian and an S4 pupil. The group meets every Friday lunchtime to discuss Manga and will also be looing at Anime films, and learning how to draw Manga.

We will also be shadowing the Stan Lee Excelsior Awards where we will look at and read 8 shortlisted Graphic Novela and Manga. The eight books on the shortlist are now available in the library for borrowing by any pupil whether attending the club or not.

If you read them you will be asked to fill out a simple evaluation form and give each book a rating (marks out of 5). There is also space to write a comment about the book if you wish. Forms are available from Mrs Sinclair or can be downloaded from the Resources section of the Award website.

STAR WARS: BLOOD TIES  by Tom Taylor and Chris Scalf (Dark Horse) ISBN: 978-0857681294

GATE 7 by CLAMP (Dark Horse) ISBN: 978-1595828064

WUTHERING HEIGHTS (Quick Text version) by Emily Bronte, Sean M. Wilson and John M. Burns (Classical Comics) ISBN: 978-1906332884

FF (Volume 1) by Jonathan Hickman, Steve Epting and Barry Kitson (Marvel) ISBN: 978-0785151449

MARINEMAN: A MATTER OF LIFE AND DEPTH by Ian Churchill (Image) ISBN: 978-1607063995

SITA: DAUGHTER OF THE EARTH by Saraswati Nagpal and Manikandan (Campfire)ISBN: 978-9380741253

CHIMICHANGA by Eric Powell (Dark Horse) ISBN: 978-1595827555

GREEN LANTERN: SECRET ORIGIN by Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis (DC) ISBN: 978-0857682819