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Dungeons & Dragons is Returning to the School Library


Friday afternoon activities have been given the go ahead for S1-3 pupils therefore live Role Playing Games, Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder is able to restart. Plenty of work has been ongoing to enable it to be as COVID-safe as possible so that groups don’t share equipment between them. Group trays with dice, player character miniatures, DM miniatures, Quick Reference Guide, Anatomy of Turn cards, pre-made character sheets, and a stick – piece of dowel for the DM to move miniatures!

Due to the current pandemic we will be doing things slightly differently, continuing to encourage good hand hygiene, face coverings, physical distancing, and good cough and sneeze etiquette. We will be playing in the library across both floors, including the Reading Zone.

Further Information can be found in the D&D section of this blog. Links to official D&D resources as well as guides created for the school group are available in the Links & Documents section. Both experienced and new players are recommended to go through these, including the Guidelines & Expectations and Table Rules.

We have around 20 players signed up for the activity of which just under a half are beginners or still fairly new to D&D. Two S3 pupils will be running games as Dungeon / Game Master, as will Mrs Sinclair and a volunteer senior pupil, across four groups spread out through the library. Pupils in the D&D activity will be added to our Dungeons and Dragons Team in Glow where you can ask questions and discuss anything to do with D&D.

The following information has been put together. There will be one group playing Pathfinder. Sections 3 to 4 won’t apply to this group as your Game Master will give you information. The first session will mostly be introductions, rules and guidelines for COVID safe play, and D&D table rules delivered by Mrs Sinclair.

  1. The COVID Stuff

  • Sanitise hands on entering and leaving the library. If you are already in the library sanitise hands before setting up and handling equipment.
  • Wear face coverings.
  • No more than 5 at a table / in a group (4 players, 1 Dungeon / Game Master) where possible.
  • Only handle dice and miniatures you are using. Avoid sharing with each other.
  • Each group will have their own set of equipment – don’t share between groups
  • Staff and senior pupil helpers should maintain 2m distance where possible.
  • All equipment will be quarantined and not available until the following Friday. Rule books will be cleaned so they are still available for use in the library during the week.
  1. What do I need to bring?

  • Bring own pencil and eraser – you need this for marking character sheet and taking notes. A notebook would be handy too.
  • Set(s) of dice if you have your own.
  • The rule books, if you have your own.
  • Enthusiasm
  • A willingness to learn
  • Imagination
  1. Dungeon Masters

You will be supplied with:

  • DM’s Pack containing:
    • Pencil for your own use
    • How to Play guide which includes a quick reference guide. Spares are available for players.
    • Table Rules – extra sheet
    • A stick! – for moving miniatures (handle with care!)
    • A blank jotter for your own notes.
    • Anatomy of a Turn within Combat cards for player reference.
    • Five pre-made character sheets. (Woodelf Ranger; Dwarf (Hill) Fighter; Dragonborn Cleric; Human Fighter; Human Wizard; Halfling (Lightfoot) Rogue; Half-elf Druid; Halfling (Stout) Ranger)
    • A yellow plastic folder for player characters being used.
  • Box of miniatures with 5 sets of dice in different colours.
    • More miniatures (mainly ‘boss’ type monsters) are available but should be returned to the quarantine section of the box.
    • Be creative – for instance, use dice to represent monsters, if needs be.
  • Player’s Handbook; Monster Manual; Dungeon Master’s Guide.

Please could DMs please help with set-up and tidying up. Remember to try to keep 2m distance from staff and senior pupil helpers where possible.

  1. Players

You will be supplied with:

  • A pre-made character sheet – write your name and class on it. If you want to make your own, speak to Mrs Sinclair and your DM. This would have to be done in your own time. Please leave your character sheets with your DM after the game.
  • Remember – don’t touch other people’s dice or miniatures. If you really need to, sanitise hands before and afterwards.
  • A Quick Reference Guide will be available at your table
  1. Activities Procedures

We will only have 40 minutes of game time. It would be helpful if DMs could help set up during the last 10 minutes of lunch break. DMs / groups allocated to the upper library may start their games during lunchtime if all their players are present.

  • Please arrive promptly.
  • First 5 minutes – registration
  • Pack-up starts 5-10 minutes before end of the period at 13:45.
  • Please help with setting up, tidying, and cleaning the tables / chairs where you sat.
  1. Other Stuff

If you are not already on the library Dungeons & Dragons Team, you will be added. Here you can ask questions and be kept informed of any relevant information.

It might be worth you signing up to DnDBeyond ( (over 13yrs only) where you can easily make your own characters for download and with the free account, you can access the Basic Rules for free which would give access to some spell information if you are playing a spellcaster. This could be accessed via your phone, laptop or tablet.

Mrs Sinclair is available at lunchtimes to answer any D&D related questions or help you create your own characters.

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