Careers / SDS Update

SDS is continuing to provide career, information, advice and guidance for all young people.  In readiness, our school careers advisers have been completing a checklist to ensure that a continuity in service delivery is maintained and communicated to key school colleagues.
We are already working with the SQA and other awarding bodies in relation to Foundation Apprenticeships. This work will support their guidance for individuals and learning providers to ensure that the effects of disruption are minimised and that wherever possible, apprentices and learners are not negatively impacted in the longer term.
Pupils and their parents and carers now will be able to continue to contact their Careers Adviser for support. This will be done via telephone, Skype or online. To speak to a Careers Adviser they will be asked to call their local centre on 01236 757400. Details of all our centres can be found on My World of Work. Please be reassured that SDS Careers Advisers will continue to proactively contact pupils to offer them ongoing support

Message from NLC


All North Lanarkshire schools will be open on Monday for the children of the following categories of key workers
It is essential, to stop the spread of transmission of coronavirus, that people who can work from home do work from home. This is not business as usual and it is vital that this support being offered is only accessed by those who absolutely require it to enable NHS and other critical services to function.

If you’re a key worker who requires support, please take your child to your normal school on Monday. We will review these arrangements over the coming week and it is likely we will fully close some schools but we will inform you of this and the alternative provision we will put in place.

UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES should any child who has symptoms of coronavirus, or who lives in a household where someone has symptoms, present at school. The whole family must follow the self-isolation advice.
Key worker categories:

Category 1

·       Health and care workers directly supporting COVID-19 response and associated staff
·       Workers supporting life-threatening emergency work as well as critical primary and community care provision
·       Staff of energy suppliers
·       Staff, including teachers and early years workers, providing childcare and learning for other key workers and staff who support school buildings

Category 2

Please note that the first presumption is that staff who can work from home will work from home

·       All other health and care workers including home support staff and care home staff
·       Emergency services staff, including police, fire and rescue, prison officers
·       Military personnel
·       Social workers

Those supporting critical national infrastructure including:

·       Staff keeping air, water, road and rail passenger transport operating
·       Oil, gas, electricity and water and sewerage workers
·       Logistics staff including drivers and transport workers
·       Food and other necessary goods staff including food production, processing, distribution, sale, delivery as well as those essential to the provision of hygienic and veterinary medicines
·       Staff in essential financial service provision including: banks, building societies and financial market infrastructure; IT and data infrastructure; postal services; civil nuclear, chemicals and telecommunications; payment providers; waste disposal.
·       Journalists and broadcasters

Category 3

Other council and associated staff in the following categories. Please note that the first presumption is that staff who can work from home will work from home

·       Strategic-level management and support staff
·       Waste services staff
·       Fleet services staff
·       Cemeteries staff
·       Property repairs and maintenance staff including frontline workers of Mears and Saltire
·       Roads and lighting maintenance staff including staff of Amey
·       Facility support services including cleaning, catering, school crossing patrollers and janitorial staff
·       Human resources staff including payroll and employee service centre
·       IT staff
·       Communications staff
·       Finance staff including welfare, revenue and benefits staff and municipal bank staff
·       Registration staff
·       Essential legal services
·       Psychological services staff


All children who are entitled to free school meals will be able to access these meals. If you need to access this support please take your child to their usual school at the school’s normal lunchtime, but only at their normal lunchtime.

Breakfast clubs will be open in those schools that normally offer them, will be open.

S4, S5 and S6 PUPILS

A normal timetable will not be operating. Only the following pupils should attend at school:

·       Children of key workers as detailed above.
·       Pupils who have already been instructed by their schools to attend at a specific time for coursework purposes.
Other S4, S5 and S6 pupils will be contacted by schools in due course to arrange completion of coursework. Schools have already informed pupils about arrangements for online learning.

Message from Gerard McLaughlin, Head of Education (North)

Message to Parents/Carers

Parents and carers are advised that North Lanarkshire Council Communications team are preparing to release information as soon as possible through its normal communication channels regarding the closure of schools to pupils from today.  This will include

·        Arrangements for children of key workers (including clarification of who Key Workers are)

·        Clarfication of arrangements for S4-S6 pupils for SQA accreditation purposes

·        Arrangements for those children requiring free school meals from Monday onwards

·        Arrangements for children with additional support needs from Monday

Further information will be available through your school’s normal communication channels from Monday onwards.



Gerard J. McLaughlin

Head of Education (North)

Education and Families

Civic Centre,


Parents / Carers

Dear Parents /Carers

Following advice from the Scottish Government to close educational establishment today, we fully recognise that from today children and young people may be at home for a long period of time and we have produced a suite of materials to support their learning – further information about materials will be sent to you in due course.

Understandably, this is an unsettling time for children, young people and their carers and many people will be feeling anxious about the current situation and the impact that it may have on the health and wellbeing of family, friends and colleagues.

For this reason we have also included information to help you reassure your child.  Many of these resources have been developed in collaboration with South Lanarkshire Council.  The attached document provides some advice and guidance.

We will continue to up-date this resource and ensure that it is widely available online.  You will be notified of these updates next week.

Thank you for your on-going support during these challenging times.


Derek Brown

Executive Director

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If anyone needs a reset or reminder of a glow password and has access to an email address please email Mrs Johnston to try and free up the telephone lines to the school. Thanks for your support.


Please follow the link to a community resource that you might find useful during these difficult times.