Issues with some Class Teams

Good Morning

We are aware that there is a number of Class Teams which have been disabled.  We are working hard to resolve this issue.  Once the Teams have been reinstated, we will inform you through the school website and the school app.  Thank you for your understanding with this.

Teams affected

NLC CA 3A4 English – Mr Smith
NLC CA 4A4 English – Mr Smith
NLC CA 5A5 English – Miss Heron & Mr Smith
Mrs McArthur’s S3
Mrs McArthur’s S4
Miss Small’s 3C6 French
3E Chemistry [2020-21]
FB S3 2020
FB S5 2020)
NLC CA S3 Physics 3D1 A.Wright 20-21

S5 Nat 5 2020-21 Mrs Bunyan
NLC CA Higher Geography 2020-21 Mrs Murray

NLC CA Higher Biology 20/21 Miss Beaton

NLC, Cumbernauld Academy, S1 PE, BGE

NLC, Cumbernauld Academy, S3 PE, BGE

NLC, Cumbernauld Academy, S4 PE

Mr Parker – 5C National & Higher PE

NLC CA 3A3 English Mrs Hall and Ms Passmore.

3 I Art and Design Ms Farrow

Reflections on Remote Learning Today

With the end of the first day in our new and hopefully very temporary digital learning age, I think overall the day was a mixture of challenges and exciting learning. The attendance at school today was 74.6% of the school roll (and possibly higher given the technological issues we experienced at the start of the school day).

This is a great start and we will be looking to establish a strong momentum around learning in this digital period. While ‘visiting’ young people in class I saw some fantastically creative work going on. I was also able to see that a number of young people had difficulty logging in at the beginning of the day, as they did across Scotland, the UK and Europe. Hopefully , moving forward, these issues can be resolved quickly. If we can build on this great start, then it will hearten the teachers who have worked so hard to create meaningful learning activities.

The Pupil Support Team are working really hard to ensure that our vulnerable learners are not left behind and the system we have adopted for learning and teaching ,in as far as it can, promotes an equity of offer between being in school and being at home, during this period.

Many thanks to everyone for you support and hard work.

Mark Cairns

Message from Mr Cairns regarding Remote Learning this morning

Good morning everyone,

I understand a number of you will feel frustrated at access to Teams this morning. This is an issue nationally and even at a European level and is currently being investigated by Microsoft. I have managed into a number of lessons via Teams and I would like to thank the teachers and young people for making such a huge effort on a Monday morning.
I plan to be in as many lessons as I can today and hope to be able to get some feedback on how things have been going on day one. Hopefully the connectivity will improve and access to PowerPoints etc will improve.

Mark Cairns

Key Worker Applications

Parents who have submitted Key Worker Applications should receive a text confirming their child’s place at school.  This text may ask to provide a letter evidencing key worker status.  This letter should be sent in with your child or emailed to prior to the school starting.  This will help to reduce any congestion and ensure safe access to the school.

Transport will continue to be provided for those children who were eligible for this.