Welcome to Support for Learning

At Cumbernauld Academy we are aware that some students will be faced with barriers to learning during their school career, however, the Support for Learning department is able to provide pupils with support for short and long term periods, depending on their needs. Priority is given to developing Literacy and Numeracy across the curriculum, in conjunction with classroom teachers, and to nurturing confidence in our young people.

Support for Learning aims to work in partnership with parents and pupils to provide Getting It Right for Me Plans (GIRFM) and to revise processes to learning. Our department encourages regular communication throughout the year, at parents’ evenings and at bi-annual review meetings.

At all stages, we encourage the pupils’ sense of responsibility, supporting pupil involvement in setting their own targets for learning and self-evaluation. We guide our students to utilise computer software and hardware, to promote independent learning, and we also support our students in utilising methods and technologies that will aid them in reducing barriers to achievement in their lives after school.

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