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All pupils from S1 to S6 have access or have been invited to join the appropriate Business and Computing Glow Teams.  Please check your Glow Emails for the link. All updates on learning will be posted in the appropriate subject Glow Team.

Any problems accessing Glow, please email Mrs Johnston

email:  gw10johnstonursula@glow.sch.uk

Snow Day #3 2nd March 2018 – Keep Learning

Even though we aren’t standing in front of you, it is important that you are still learning.  Today’s work is listed below:

Higher Computing Science – Continue with your Past Paper revision using the links from Wednesday’s post.

National 5 Computing Science – Coursework Prep is essential.  Continue to practise your HTML skills by using https://www.w3schools.com/

Higher Business Management – Take notes from Pages 216 – 221 in your Business Management Book then answer the questions at the bottom of Page 221.

Mrs Johnston’s National 5 Business Management – take notes from Pages135 – 138 of your Business Management Book then complete the task and questions on Page 138/9.

Ms McGarry’s National 5 Business Management – use the past papers from Wednesday’ post or continue preparing your notes for your coursework

Higher Admin – If you have finished the spreadsheets issued by Ms McGarry then  work through 2015 Past Papers.

NH_Administration-and-IT_QP_2015 NH_Administration-and-IT_Assignment-Electronic-Files_2015 NH_Administration-and-IT_Assignment_2015

National 5 Admin and IT – Coursework date will be rescheduled when we get back so keep up the skills.  I’ve attached 2014 paper – work on Tasks 1, 2a/b, 3, 4,6,8,9 and 12.

N5_Administration-and-IT_Assignment-electronic-files_2014 N5_Administration-and-IT_Assignment_2014

S3 Computing Science – go over notes that you have from class.

S3 Business Management – continue with your Product Development Mind Map from Wednesday.

S3 Admin & IT – using your Word Skills – design a Business Card for Mr Cairns.  Make sure you include the school logo, his job title and name.  Use a variety of fonts and a border to make it look professional.  We can copy these onto card when we get back.

S1 & S2 Business Enterprise and Computing Science – look at Wednesday’s post.  Work on this please.

Snow Day #2 – 1st March 2018

I hope you are all safe and warm.

S5/6 and S1-S3 – Continue with the work set yesterday.

All National 5 classes  should be using this time to prepare for their Coursework.

Nat 5 Computing Science – continue with the HTML website to develop these skills further (link in yesterday’s post).

Nat 5 Admin and IT – finish the tasks set yesterday from 2017 past paper.  If you finish this, work on your theory notes today to revise for that element of the coursework – you have all the notes in your jotter and folder.

Nat 5 Business Management – keep working on your coursework by planning your notes to allow you to write up in class.

Snow Day Work 28th February 2018 – Keep Learning

Below is a list of activities that all our wonderful Business IT and Computing Science pupils can complete today due to school closure. Stay warm and keep learning.

S1-3 Computing Science – Access the Scratch Programming Website  below and create a snow inspired game.  You can show Mrs Johnston your games when you return and her favourite will be posted on the website. Remember to look at other games on the website to get inspiration for your design and help with your code.


S1-2 Business Enterprise – We have been looking at Technology and the impact on Employment. Open the following powerpoint and either on paper or MS Word work through the following Powerpoint Employment Trends over Time

S3 Admin & IT – Investigate what TV programmes are on today and design an Access Database (if you do not have the software, design it on paper) of one of the TV channels programme schedule today.  Fields to include:  Name of Programme, Start Time, Finish Time, Genre (Family, Magazine Show, News etc)

S3 Business Management – You have been looking at Product Development in class with Mr Young.  Research  all the stages of Product Development using the Internet and create a mind map with a description of what happens at each stage.

N5 Business Management – Continue to work one your analysis section of your coursework by making notes.  Remember to access Understanding Standards Website.  You can also access the Past Papers below:


Higher Business Management – Continue to prepare for your coursework.  You all should have enough primary information from Survey’s etc to start making notes for your analysis and interpretation section.  Remember to access the Understanding Standards Website.  You can also revise using the Past Papers below:


National 5 Computing Science

Access the following HTML website to help develop your skills in preparation for your coursework:  


Higher Computing ScienceMrs Donald already has links for Past Paper on the website:

Past Exam Papers

Access these and work through the topics covered to date.

Higher Admin and IT – Ms McGarry has already issued you with Spreadsheet Tasks and Files.  Work through these today.

National 5 Admin and IT – I know your not in the Faculty today but you could practice your coursework skills. Remember this Friday is the 1st instalment of our Coursework.  Have a look at the 2017 Assignment Paper (this is the old assessment structure).  Pick out the following tasks (Tasks 2,3,4,6,8,9,10,11,12 a/b and 13) to keep our skills up for Friday.

N5_Administration-and-IT_Assignment-Electronic-Files_2017 N5_Administration-and-IT_Assignment_2017

Supported Study 2016

Supported Study this session will take place on the following days:

Subject Level Day Time Starting from:
 Admin & IT  National 4/5  Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday  Lunchtime  Thursday, 06 September 2016
Admin & IT Higher Tuesday After School 27 September 2016
 Computing Science N5/Higher On Request Lunchtime September 2016
 Business Management Higher Thursday After school 29th September2016
Business Management N5 Monday  After school 3rd October 2016

S3 Computing Science – Discovering a Digital World Event

A number of S3 Computing Science Students from Cumbernauld Academy are being offered the opportunity to attend the “Discovering Digital World” roadshow series on Tuesday 26th April 2016 from 10 am to 1 pm. The number of spaces available has been limited to 30 and these will be offered on a first come, first served basis.  The roadshow will showcase the exciting possibilities of a career in digital technology through hands on workshops and more.

This won’t be a regular run-of-the-mill careers fair, it will be an opportunity for students to get hands on with workshops, masterclasses and engaging demonstrations testing out products and dabbling in coding, designing and developing. Students will meet a whole range of employers and find out routes in to the industry, including career choices and opportunities. Students will find out just how rewarding a career in digital and tech is, with job earnings regularly above the national average.

It is key that we involve parents and carers on the benefits and opportunities that a career in ICT and Digital Technology holds for their children and help break down some of the stereotypes that is associated with this area of study.

The links below will give a better idea of what will be taking place as well as information on Parent/Carer sessions offered during the evening of Tuesday 26th April 2016.



Faculty Prelim Times 2016

The Prelims for Higher Admin and IT and Business Management are shown below:

Date Level Subject Times Venue
Wednesday 13th Jan 2016 Higher Admin & IT 1.15 – 3.15 ICT 3 and ICT 5
 Tuesday 26th Jan 2016 N5 Business Management 1.15 – 2.15 Assembly Hall
 Tuesday 26th Jan 2016 Higher Business Management 1.15 – 3.05 Assembly Hall

Please be advised that pupils studying Computing Science – N5 and Higher will sit their prelim during March.  Date to be advised.

Good Luck to everyone in their preparation for their Prelims.

Prelim Exams


The Faculty prelim examinations will take place on the following days and times

Exam Level Date and Time
Computing Higher Friday 16th Jan 1.20pm
Computing Science National 5 Friday 16th Jan 1.20 pm
Business Management National 5 Tuesday 20th Jan 9.30 am
Business Management Higher Tuesday 20th Jan 1.35 pm
Admin and IT Higher Friday 23rd Jan 2.00 pm

The Higher Admin and IT SQA Assignment will take place on Tuesday 19th April at 10.45 to 12.45.

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