Mental Health Ambassadors

Who are we?

What is our role?

We want to raise awareness of Mental Health, reduce the stigma around it and spread the message that at Cumbernauld Academy;

 it’s OK not to be OK.

Where will we be and when?

We run a drop in center at the ‘The Hub.’ which is in the Art Department, room next to Mrs Donald.

  • We are open on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday lunchtimes.
  • Just come and talk, play a game or have a cup of tea!

Please remember – you are not alone! Whether it’s from your Mental Health Ambassador, your pupil support teacher or any other adult at the school, do not be afraid to ask for help from someone that you trust if you need to.

this poster means that the classroom you are in is a safe space if you need help, look out for it around the school and as badges on our mental health ambassadors



Useful Websites