Digital Learning at Home

Here you will find help guides and links to support learning at home using online resources.

Digital Delivery Feedback Form

North Lanarkshire Council Digital School/Virtual Classrooms

To support learning from home during periods of self isolation and absence from school, NLC have created Virtual Classrooms for young people to utilise when physically absent from school.

Access to the Virtual Classrooms are through the pupils Glow Accounts and are available from the Launchpad.  Please find below a copy of Pupil and Parent Guides.


Secondary NL Virtual Classroom Child Guide

Secondary NL Virtual Classroom Parent Carer Guide


Accessing Glow via Games Consoles

ICT Acceptable Use


Accessing Glow on a PS4

Accessing Glow on a Xbox One


SQA Past Papers

Websites for study

BGE learning and teaching at home ideas

Pupil Guide to Accessing Microsoft Teams in Glow