Parent Council

The Parent Council is Important, here’s what we do.

Represent the views of parents on matters affecting the education & welfare of pupils.

Promote partnerships between the school, pupils, parents and wider community; working together to ensure your children get the best outcomes and experiences.

Work with the school to continually improve parental engagement across the whole Parent Forum. Children who have parents or carers that are engaged in their education:

-Attend school more regularly.

-Have better social skills.

-Are better engaged in their schoolwork.

-Achieve better exam results.

-Are more likely to go on to higher education or other positive leaver destinations.

Parent Council Members

Catriona Pettigrew-Smith – Chairperson
Kirsty McKinnell – Treasurer
Margaret Forbes
Linda McCann
Barrie Sheppard
Audrey Smith
Tom Fisher
Colin Dunlop
Linda McQuillan
Wendy Walker
Fiona Macfarlane
Elaine McLaughlin
Gary Waigh
Martyne Maclean